Monday, September 24, 2012

Ancient World in Open Access Institutional Repositories

[Originally posted 10/5/09. Most recently updated 24 September 2012]

It is increasingly the case that scholars in ancient studies are depositing copies of their publications in institutional repositories. Some examples are:
Do you know of others doing this? Are your articles in an open access repository? Would you line to be included in this list? Contact me!

Scholars who do not have access to Institutional Repositories for their own work, and who wish to share their scholarship openly might consider the opportunities offered by

[and see also Preprints and Open Access Revisited]


  1. Hi Chuck,

    Wat about Standford's working papers in the Classics?



  2. Hi Chuck,

    I have been able to get into AWOL always, but suddenly I am being asked for a login, etc. I don't remember what I first did. How do I get out of this glitch?


  3. I have no ides what the problem is Karen. I made no changed and there is no security issue that I know of. What URL asks you for a login, etc.?

  4. In France we have HAL-SHS, an open access institutionnal archive of papers in humanities and social sciences :
    Papers about ancient world studies are listed under "Archéologie et Préhistoire" and "Etudes classiques". For english version, just go to the main repository (, select the language and browse through (Archaeology and Prehistory ; Classical Studies)

  5. What do you think about Academia? It certainly seems to be accessed widely.

    And now that you have living authors listed, what about dead scholars' papers?

    larissa Bonfante

    1. Hi Larissa, is indeed widely used. It's young and we'll have to see what happens with it. It needs to have a revenue stream to be sustainable.

      The scholars archives idea is never far from my mind. It may be time to revive it in a more active way.