Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Oriental Institute publications online open access

On April 27th, 2009, the Oriental Institute published another suite of Egyptological titles from its backlist.

My list of all Oriental Institute publications online is now updated to include these eleven titles

AWOL - The Ancient World Online - 2

The Oriental Institute Electronic Publications Initiative. Originally posted April 9, 2008. Updated April 30, 2007 with the addition of more CAD and CHD volumes; updated September 16, 2008 with the addition of OIP 130; updated January 6, 2009 with the addition of OIP 135; Updated January 27, 2009 with the addition of OIMP 29. Updated March 16, 2009 with the addition of OIS 5. Update April 28, 2009 with the addition of a suite of older OI volumes on Egyptian subjects.

Starting in 2005, the Oriental Institute committed to digitizing all of its publications and making them available online, without charge. The minimum for each volume, old and new, current and forthcoming, will be a Portable Document Format (PDF) version following current resolution standards. New publications appear online at or near the time they appear in print. Older publications will be processed as time and funding permits. More than one hundred volumes are now online.

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