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Open Access Journal: Teaching Classical Languages (TCL)

[First posted in AWOL 22 April 2011. Updated 24 December 2012]

Teaching Classical Languages (TCL)
ISSN 2160-2220
Teaching Classical Languages (ISSN 2160-2220) is the only peer-reviewed electronic journal dedicated to the teaching and learning of Latin and ancient Greek. It addresses the interests of all Latin and Greek teachers, graduate students, coordinators, and administrators. Teaching Classical Languages welcomes articles offering innovative practice and methods, advocating new theoretical approaches, or reporting on empirical research in teaching and learning Latin and Greek. As an electronic journal, Teaching Classical Languages has a unique global outreach. It offers authors and readers a multimedia format that more fully illustrates the topics discussed, and provides hypermedia links to related information and websites. Articles not only contribute to successful Latin and Greek pedagogy, but draw on relevant literature in language education, applied linguistics, and second language acquisition for an ongoing dialogue with modern language educators.

Fall 2012

In this issue:
  • Mark Thorne - Using Manuscripts in the Latin Classroom
  • Christine Hahn - Latin in the Homeschooling Community
  • Antonia Syson - Reading the Aeneid with intermediate Latin students: the new Focus commentaries (Books 1-4 and 6) and Cambridge Reading Virgil (Books I and II)

Fall 2011

In this issue:
  • Eric Dugdale - Creative Composition in Beginning Latin
  • Wilfred E. Major and Byron Stayskal - Teaching Greek Verbs: A Manifesto
  • Albert Watanabe - The 2011 College Greek Exam: Report and Analysis
  • Stephen Trzaskoma - Innovation in Recent Intermediate Greek Textbooks?

Spring 2011

In this issue:
  • Yasuko Taoka - Classroom as Text: What Genres Do We Teach In?
  • Tracy Jamison Wood - Third Language Acquisition: Spanish-Speaking Students in the Latin Classroom
  • Judith Lynn Sebesta - Aliquid Novi: The New Series of Bolchazy-Carducci Latin Readers

Fall 2010

In this issue:
  • Rebecca R. Harrison - Exercises for Developing Prediction Skills in Reading Latin Sentences
  • Peter Anderson and Mark Beckwith - Form-Focused Teaching for the Intermediate Latin Teacher
  • Albert Watanabe - The 2010 College Greek Exam

Spring 2010

In this issue:
  • Lindgren et al. - From Literal to Literary: A Translation Project for Latin Poetry Classes
  • Traill et al. - Building Ties between College and High School Latin Programs
  • Ancona, Collins, Daugherty, Holec, Kitchell, Patrick, Pearcy - Perspectives on the New Standards for Latin Teacher Preparation

Fall 2009

In this issue:
  • Andrew Reinhard - Social Networking in Latin Class
  • Georgia L. Irby-Massie - "That Ain't Workin'; That's the Way You Do It": Teaching Greek through Popular Music
  • Rachael Clark - Greek Vocabulary in Popular Textbooks

TCL is the successor to CPL Online. To see the CPL Online archives, click here.

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