Friday, June 2, 2023

Life and the Afterlife : Ancient Egyptian Art from the Senusret Collection

Edited by Melinda Hartwig
Life and the Afterlife: Ancient Egyptian Art from the Senusret Collection accompanies the exhibition at Emory University's Michael C. Carlos Museum, on view from February 3 through August 6, 2023. The exhibition explores what ancient objects can tell us about daily life, sacred life, and the afterlife, and the power of works of art to educate, engage, and inspire. The Senusret Collection was gifted to the Michael C. Carlos Museum by the Georges Ricard Foundation in 2018. Over the last four years, museum staff collaborated on conservation projects, technical and scholarly studies, faculty and student research, and methods of object analysis. The 165 objects highlighted in the catalog tell compelling stories about the humanity of Egypt's ancient past and how, through collaboration and learning, these objects enrich our present.


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