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Open Access Journal: Archivum Anatolicum = Anadolu arşiveleri

[First posted in AWOL 16 February 2015, updated 14 June 2023]

Archivum Anatolicum = Anadolu arşiveleri
ISSN: 1300-6355 
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The publication of Archivum Anatolicum (ArAn) began in 1995. Since 2014, it has been published annually in one volume and two issues (twice a year) in the months of June and December by the Department of Ancient Languages and Cultures by the Faculty of Languages, History and Geography of Ankara University. The Archivum Anatolicum (ArAn) is an international, scholarly, and peer-reviewed journal published by Ankara University. The journal aims to increase and extend the scope of scholarly studies which will contribute to the scientific development in the field of Ancient Mesopotamian, Anatolian Languages, and Classics.
The Archivum Anatolicum (ArAn)  welcomes academic articles written in the fields of Ancient Languages and Cultures, including Sumerology, Assyriology, Hittitology, Classics, Ancient History, Ancient Philosophy, and Archeology.

Volume: 16 Issue: 2

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