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Open Access Monograph Series: Euhormos: Greco-Roman Studies in Anchoring Innovation

ISSN: 2590-1796
Cover Euhormos: Greco-Roman Studies in Anchoring Innovation

 EUHORMOS is an international book series intended for monographs and collective volumes on classical antiquity. Specifically, it welcomes manuscripts related to the concept of ‘anchoring innovation’ by classical scholars of all disciplines from all over the world. All books will be published in Open Access (online) as well as in print.
The series publishes book-length studies (single-authored or edited) of ancient innovations and their societal perceptions and valuations, in particular in connection with their ‘anchoring’, the various ways in which ‘the new’ could (or could not) be connected to what was already familiar. ‘The new’ is not restricted to the technical or scientific domains, but can include the ‘new information’ imparted by speakers through linguistic means, literary innovation, political, social, cultural or economic innovation, and new developments in material culture.

EUHORMOS is one of the results of the Dutch so-called Gravitation Grant (2017), awarded to a consortium of scholars from OIKOS, the National Research School in Classical Studies. See

EUHORMOS is the Homeric term for a harbour ‘in which the anchoring is good’. Under this auspicious title, we aim to publish a book series striving to afford ‘good anchorage’ to studies contributing to a better understanding of ‘anchoring innovation’ in Greco-Roman Antiquity.

For sending your proposal or submitting manuscripts for the series, please contact Brill’s Associate Editor for Classical Studies, Giulia Moriconi.

  • Ten Case Studies in Agency in Innovation
    Volume: 4
    Volume Editors: and
  • Anchoring Cultural Formation in the First Millennium BCE
    Volume: 3
  • Volume: 2
    Volume Editors: and
  • The Anchors of the Fisherman
    Volume: 1
    Volume Editor:
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