Sunday, June 11, 2023

Open Access Journal: Circe de Clásicos y Modernos

 [First posted in AWOL 11 November 2009. Updated 11 June 2023]

Circe de Clásicos y Modernos
On-line ISSN 1851-1724 
ISSN-e: 1514-3333
Circe de Clásicos y Modernos is an annual publication by the Instituto de Estudios Clásicos of the Universidad Nacional de La Pampa, director Marta Alesso. The journal aims to publish original works on Philology, Philosophy, History, Literature and Classic Tradition, and for these to be accepted by members of the International Review Committee, who referee blind the works sent by the Editorial Committee. The journal’s geographical reach is international. It also publishes reviews of books by Argentinian and foreign authors and news on scientific events in the journal’s specialization.
 Circe de clásicos y modernos
Vol. 27 Núm. 1 (2023)




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