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Current Research in Egyptology 2021: Proceedings of the Twenty-First Annual Symposium, University of the Aegean, 9-16 May 2021

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Current Research in Egyptology 2021 presents papers from the Twenty-First Annual Meeting of the international postgraduate conference Current Research in Egyptology, held online by the Department of Mediterranean Studies of the University of the Aegean (Rhodes, Greece) on 9-16 May 2021. Almost 100 participants from institutions all over the world presented their insightful research on a wide range of topics regarding all periods of ancient Egypt. Fifteen Egyptological and Papyrological papers are published here, which investigate a great variety of issues, including social and religious aspects of life in ancient Egypt, ritual and magic, language and literature, ideology of death, demonology, the iconographical tradition, and intercultural relations, ranging chronologically from the Prehistoric to the Coptic period. The wide chronological and thematic scope of the book reflects the multifaceted, interdisciplinary and innovative character of modern Egyptology.


H 276 x W 203 mm

268 pages

Illustrated in colour throughout

Published Sep 2022

Archaeopress Access Archaeology


Paperback: 9781803273761

Digital: 9781803273778


Foreword ;

Introduction ;

List of paper presentations ;

List of poster presentations ;

List of keynote lectures ;

Reared in prehistory: uncovering the evidence for children in ancient Egypt – Mona Akmal M. Ahmed ;

The ‘commander of the ruler’s crew’: some remarks about a high military title in the Second Intermediate Period and the Egyptian army in the 17th dynasty – Francesco de Gaetano ;

Spectacle of imperial splendour: the presentation of gifts and tributes ceremony in the 18th dynasty – Ziting (Rebecca) Wang ;

Festivals and duties: aspects of religious life found in ancient Egyptian personal correspondence – Sue Thorpe ;

Sun, moon, and myth: the function and symbolism of fish in water features of ancient Egyptian formal gardens – Jayme Reichart ;

Being annihilated or being satisfied in the Duat. About the dynamic of the sw.wt in the New Kingdom Books of the Underworld – Mariano Bonanno ;

‘And all large and small cattle’ - Is there a ‘zoogony’ in the Religious Hymns of the New Kingdom (c. 1539-1077 BC)? – Guilherme Borges Pires ;

Water, protection and destiny: an interpretation of the wr.t-demon – Gabriele Mario Conte ;

The transmission of themes and motifs between copy and innovation: the decorative programmes of the late monumental tombs – Valeria Tappeti ;

Unpublished Greek and Demotic papyri from Graeco-Roman Tebtunis: a research project at the University of Parma – Nicola Reggiana and Alessia Bovo ;

The Πλοιαφέσια in the Greek landscape: a local expression of a global festivity – Dafni Maikidou-Poutrino ;

Iconographical and iconological study of the snake-footed Anubis in Alexandria: connections and new creations – Beatriz Jiménez Meroño and Francisco L. Borrego Gallardo ;

Eggs in Graeco-Roman Egypt: food, medicine, ritual – Dimitris Roumpekas ;

The scarab, from amulets to magical gems: transmissions and transpositions of an emblem of the pharaonic civilisation – Dominique Barcat ;

The role of Greek loanwords in Coptic magical texts. Mere technical terms or indicators of scribal education? – Krisztina Hevesi


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