Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Open Access Journal: News@ASOR

 [First posted in AWOL 27 February 2013, updated 3 June 2014]


[n.b.: "Print Newsletter Publication will Continue as News@ASOR. As some of you may have heard via mail, email, or word-of-mouth, the ASOR Newsletter will be discontinued in its print form, and will continue as a free, open resource to all our members as the e-newsletter News@ASOR (what you're currently reading). We hope to continue providing the information you previously enjoyed from the Newsletter, as well as provide a greater insight on the workings and happenings of ASOR on a monthly basis".]
News@ASOR is a bimonthly e-newsletter tailored for ASOR members. The e-newsletter will deliver updates on events in the field, organizational news, and highlights from the ASOR Blog. News@ASOR is supported by the generosity of the Kershaw Family Trust.
The goals of the e-newsletter are to:
  • Promote the ASOR Blog
  • Disseminate organizational news
  • Keep members updated about their membership status and renewal schedule
  • Share upcoming deadlines such as ASOR fellowship application due dates and Annual Meeting paper submission due dates
  • Encourage a sense of community among ASOR members
  • Highlight the activities of ASOR's committees
2014 Issues

2013 Issues

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