Friday, June 20, 2014

The Oriental Institute launches a new website

The Oriental Institute launches a new website
Take a peek at our new and exciting website at and revel in all the changes.  Browse through our insightful museum publications, RSVP for unique events, and peek through our galleries. The new site affords us the ability to immediately update information on programs, events, and projects.  In this way, we hope the site will become more useful to our patrons and members when looking for information and staying abreast of current events.  As with all new site launches, minor updates will continue to be made to the site as bugs and/or broken links are discovered.  We hope to have all of these cleared up during the course of the following month
Be sure to go to our subscription center to receive email communications from the OI and to experience all that the OI has to offer on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 
Our new website offers you a new opportunity to uncover the ancient Middle East. Start your discovery today!

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