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Open Access Archaeology Theses from Leicester

[First posted in AWOL 11 January 2011, updated 17 June 2014]

University of Leicester Research Archive: Theses, School of Archaeology and Ancient History
Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
full text available1-Mar-2014‘And he that in Virginia shall copper coin receive’ : Explicating an undocumented fiscal scheme in the early English settlement at Jamestown through the archaeological evidenceStraube, Beverly AnnThesis
full text available1-Jan-2014The first brooches in Britain : from manufacture to deposition in the Early and Middle Iron AgeAdams, Sophia AnneThesis
full text available1-Nov-2013Towns in the dark? Urban transformations from late roman Britain to Anglo-Saxon England (AD 300-600)Speed, GavinThesis
full text available31-Jul-2013Archaeological Ethics in Armed ConflictsWilliams, Jack F.Thesis
full text available15-Jun-2013Bead Exchange among the Historic Kumeyaay IndiansKirkish, Alexander NealThesis
full text available1-Jun-2013Farmers in Transition: The archaeobotanical analysis of the Carpathian Basin from the Late Neolithic to the Late Bronze Age (5000-900 BC)Reed, Kelly AnnThesis
full text available1-Jun-2013“The Best Accustomed House in Town”: Taverns as a Reflection of Elite Consumer Behavior in Eighteenth-Century Hampton and Elizabeth City County, VirginiaMcDaid, Christopher L.Thesis
full text available1-May-2013Iron Age and Roman Arable Practice in the East of EnglandParks, Kate EllenThesis
full text available1-May-2013The Relevance of Heritage PlacesRivet, ChristopheThesis
full text available1-Jan-2013The Bird of the Next Dawn: The Husbandry, Translocation and Transformation of the TurkeyFothergill, Brooklynne Britannia ChristineThesis
full text available1-Dec-2012Beyond Typology: Late Iron Age and Early Roman Brooches in Northern FranceEdgar, Melissa Doune LawsonThesis
full text available1-Nov-2012The Archaeology of Abandonment: Ghost Towns of the American WestPeyton, Paige MargaretThesis
full text available1-Aug-2012The African Boom? Evaluating Economic Growth in the Roman Province of Africa ProconsularisHobson, Matthew SimonThesis
full text available1-Aug-2012The Protohistoric Cemeteries of Northwestern Pakistan: The Deconstruction and Reinterpretation of Archaeological and Burial TraditionsZahir, MuhammadThesis
full text available22-Jun-2012Characterising Material Culture to Determine Settlement Patterns in North West KashmirYatoo, Mumtaz AhmadThesis
full text available1-Apr-2012At the Edge of Empire: Iron Age and Early Roman Metalwork in the East MidlandsFarley, Julia Marie-AnneThesis
full text available1-Nov-2011Food, Status and Complexity in Saxon and Scandinavian England: An Archaeozoological ApproachHolmes, Matilda AnneThesis
full text available1-Sep-2011Rejuvenation Signature Analysis: Measuring Rejuvenation in Eastern Great Basin Archaic Dart Point AssemblagesSpencer, Alan CharlesThesis
full text available1-Jun-2011At Home, with the Good Horses: Relationality, Roles, Identity and Ideology in Iron Age Inner AsiaArgent, GalaThesis
full text available1-Mar-2011An Examination of Late Prehistoric Settlement in North East England with Specific Emphasis on the Settlements of the Tees ValleySherlock, Stephen JohnThesis
full text available31-Jan-2011The use of radiocarbon and Bayesian modelling to (re)write later Iron Age settlement histories in east-central BritainHamilton, William DerekThesis
full text available31-Jan-2011Social transformations from the Middle Bronze Age to the Middle Iron Age in Central Southern BritainTullett, Andrew StewartThesis
full text available1-Jan-2011From Theodosius to Constans II: Church, Settlement and Economy in Late Roman and Byzantine Sicily (AD 378-668)Sami, DenisThesis
full text available1-Jan-2011Culture Contact and Gender in the Hudson’s Bay Company of the Lower Columbia River 1824-1860Stone, Helen DelightThesis
full text available1-Oct-2010Rural Settlement and Economic Activity: Olive Oil and Amphorae Production on the Tarhuna Plateau during the Roman PeriodAhmed, MftahThesis
full text available1-Oct-2010Environment, Antecedent and Adventure: Tin and Copper Mining on Dartmoor, Devon, C.1700-1914Newman, PhilipThesis
full text available7-Jul-2010Household Consumption in Ancient Economies: Pompeii and the Wider Roman WorldRay, Nicholas MartinThesis
full text available7-Jul-2010Forts, fields and towns: Communities in Northwest Transylvania from the first century BC to the fifth century ADWanner, RobertThesis
full text available7-Jul-2010The nature and significance of extramural settlement at Vindolanda and other selected sites on the Northern Frontier of Roman BritainBirley, Andrew RobinThesis
full text available7-Jul-2010Landscapes of Maritime Complexity: Prehistoric Shell Work Sites of the Ten Thousand Islands, FloridaSchwadron, MargoThesis
full text available18-Dec-2009Hunter-gatherer settlement and land use in the Central Canadian Rockies, AD 800-1800Heitzmann, Roderick JamesThesis
full text available23-Oct-2009Creating collective identities through astronomy? A study of Greek temples in SicilySalt, Alun MarkThesis
full text available3-Jul-2009Congregation and community: religious observance and identity in the south west woollen industry, c.1760 to 1860Strachan, Susan ClaireThesis
full text available27-May-2009Examining Transylvanian Saxon Fortified Churches from the 13th to the 16th Centuries; the History and Archaeology of the Saxon Rural Church in Romania: Roles and IdentitiesMorgan, DavidThesis
full text available27-May-2009Winding Dali’s clock: The construction of a fuzzy temporal-GIS for archaeologyGreen, Christopher ThomasThesis
full text available27-Mar-2009The so-called Galatae, Celts, and Gauls in the Early Hellenistic Balkans and the Attack on Delphi in 280–279 BC.Campbell, Duncan Robert JohnThesis
full text availableDec-2008Industry and Empire: Administration of the Roman and Byzantine Faynan.Friedman, Hannah ArielThesis
full text available21-Jan-2008Kapeleion: casual and commercial wine consumption in classical GreeceKelly-Blazeby, Clare FrancesThesis
full text available2008Introduction and dispersal of exotic food plants into Europe during the Roman and medieval periodsLivarda, AlexandraThesis
full text available2008'As you see it so it was'? Reconstructing historic built environments in the USA: the case of sites associated with Gearge WashingtonWhite, EstherThesis
full text available2008Divergent Identities? The Middle and Upper Ouse Valley in the Late Iron Age and Romano-British Periods.Meade, Judy M.Thesis
full text available2007Personal adornment and the expression of identity in Roman Britain: a study of the material culture of appearanceRosten, Judith FredaThesis
full text available2007Astronomy and ancient Greek cult : an application of archaeoastronomy to Greek religious architecture, cosmologies and landscapesBoutsikas, EfrosyniThesis
full text availableSep-2005The ancient Mediterranean trade in ceramic building material: A case study in Carthage and BeirutMills, Philip John EdwardThesis
full text available2005Open for business: textile manufacture in Northamptonshire, c.1685-1800Raybould, WendyThesis
full text available2000Delos: Investigating the notion of privacy within the ancient Greek houseBurke, SamanthaThesis
full text available1999Modelling Roman imperialism: Landscape and settlement change in ItalyWitcher, Robert EdwardThesis
full text available1992Romano - British Mortars and PlastersMorgan, Graham C.Thesis
full text available1990The origins of the village in South Wales : a study in landscape archaeology.Kissock, Jonathan AndrewThesis
full text available1985Cursuses and Related Monuments of the British NeolithicLoveday, RoyThesis
full text available1984The production and distribution of brick and tile in Roman BritainMcWhirr, Alan DavidThesis
full text available1970The Role of the Bull in Minoan-Mycenaean Religion and Its Survival into Greek ReligionGregg, William GeoffreyThesis
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