Thursday, June 12, 2014

Open Access Journal: Coptic Church Review

Coptic Church Review
ISSN: 0273-3269
The Journal invites submission of articles on biblical, liturgical, patristic or
spiritual topics.
Special Issues: We are planning for special issues on:
The Coptic Orthodox Church
Saint Cyril of Alexandria
We welcome scholarly and general articles on these or related subjects, as well
as translations from the original languages.
Special Sections: Contributors to the sections of Book Reviews and Currents in
Coptic Church Studies are advised to contact the editor before submitting their articles.
Of the extensive new literature, we only choose for review books of lasting
spiritual benefit for the reader.
Manuscripts are preferred to be typed double spaced (including references and
All authors are expected to hear from us within one month of the receipt of their
articles. Unpublished material is returned only if requested.
Updated 7/10/2012--New additions have been added--this will complete the CCR collection. RESELAH UPDATE 7/10/12

volume 27 No. 3 & 4.pdf

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