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Open Access Journal: Iris: Journal of the Classical Association of Victoria

[First posted in AWOL 30 August 2011. Updated 11 October 2023]

Iris: Journal of the Classical Association of Victoria
ISSN 1448-1421

What is Iris?

Iris is the journal of the Classical Association of Victoria. The New Series of the journal was founded in 1988. The Journal Editor is Dr Rhiannon Evans of La Trobe University. The Honorary Secretary is Dr. K.O. Chong-Gossard, lecturer at the University of Melbourne. Iris is published with the support of the Muriel P. Blackwood Memorial Fund.

What is in Iris?

The most recent issue - Volume 24, 2011 - is now available for download.
Iris is now a refereed publication. This means that articles published in the refereed section undergo a peer review process. This involves assessment of the publication in its entirety (not merely an abstract or extract), before publication, and by appropriately independent, qualified experts. Independent in this context means independent of the author.

How do I contribute to Iris?

Persons interested into submitting articles or letters to the journal should send them to either the Journal Editor (Rhiannon Evans) or the Honorary Secretary (K.O. Chong-Gossard). Contributors should state whether they wish their article to be refereed or not.
The most recent issue is Volume 32-33 (2019-2020).

From the Editor

Andrew Turner

Saul Bastomsky, In memoriam Alan Henry

Carla Hurt, The Internet Brings Spoken Latin Back into Classrooms

Tom Keep, Digitization of Museum Collections and the Hellenic Museum Digitization Project

Emily Hulme, In Their Own Words: Questions Asked by Slaves at the Oracle of Dodona

Karl Zelesco, Trimalchio’s Attitudes to Death in the Cena Trimalchionis

Ehud Mayer, The Political and Diplomatic Goals of the Achaean League in the Period between the Battle of Cynoscephalae (197 BCE) and the Outbreak of the Achaean War in 146

Thomas Frajsman, Ovid the Neoteric: Genre-Bending and Intertextual Allusion in the Metamorphoses

Peter Mountford, The Hexameter in Virgil’s Aeneid

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