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ASOR Early Career Member Resources

 [First posted in AWOL 7 April 2021, updated 3 October 2023]

Resources compiled by ASOR’s Early Career Scholars Committee. For additions to this list or questions/comments, please contact Marta Ostovich

Early Career Scholars Facebook & Resources Page


Job Advertisements
Books on Job Searching

Grants and Fellowships

Individual Granting Organizations
General Fellowship Resource Pages
  • Brown University: List of internal and external funding sources recommended by the Archaeology Institute at Brown University
  • Cornell: List of internal and external funding sources recommended by the Archaeology Inst. at Cornell University
  • Boston University: List of internal and external funding sources recommended by the Archaeology Dept. at Boston University
  • University of North Carolina: List of internal and external funding sources recommended by the Archaeology Dept. at UNC

General Resources

  • American Association of Community Colleges (AACC): A collection of resources for community college students. They offer resources like job postings and advice on applying for grants and fellowships tailored to community college students.
  • American Association of University Professors (AAUP): The AAUP is a nonprofit membership association of faculty and other academic professionals that works to define fundamental professional values and standards for higher education, advance the rights of academics, particularly as those rights pertain to academic freedom and shared governance, and promote the interests of higher education teaching and research.
  • American Historical Society: Career Diversity for Historians: Guide for doctoral graduates in history (and by extension the humanities) on how to pursue a wide spectrum of career opportunities that includes the professoriate, higher education administration, cultural institutions and other nonprofits, government, public education, and the private sector.
  • Beyond the Professoriate: Beyond the Professoriate is a public benefit corporation with a mission to empower PhDs to build impactful careers and engaged lives, wherever smart people are needed. To do this, they provide career education and professional development to graduate students and PhDs in humanities, social sciences, and STEM disciplines.
  • Community College Resource Center (CCRC): CCRC is a leader in the field of community college research and reform. Their work provides a foundation for innovations in policy and practice that help give every community college student the best chance of success.
  • Contingent Magazine: Contingent is a non-profit history magazine. Our writers are adjuncts, museum workers, independent scholars—all people who work outside the tenure-track professoriate.
  • Jobs and Internship Guide (UC Berkeley): This guide has information on preparing for your job search, internships, sources for jobs and internships, resume and letter writing, successful interviewing, and internship and job offers.
  • MLA Career Exploration Activity: Explore structured self-assessment of skills, job analysis activity, and transferable skills for humanists.
  • National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity: For graduate students, they offer a skills-based program for strategic planning, dissertation writing, mentoring, and the job search processes.
  • National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD): NISOD provides budget-friendly, high-quality, and faculty-focused programs and resources for community and technical colleges.
  • Second Temple Early Career Academy (STECA): STECA is an international network for doctoral students and early career researchers, currently based at the University of Birmingham. Their aim is to create a virtual common room to support early career researchers wherever they are based.
  • The Professor is in: A career-advising blog for would-be academics launched by former professor Karen Kelsky in 2011
  • The Versatile PhD: The Versatile PhD mission is to help graduate students, ABDs and PhDs identify, prepare for and excel in professional careers.
    • NOTE: Your university needs to have a subscription to access the resources
  • W.F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research: Non-profit organization that facilitates research on the history and cultures of the Near East based in Jerusalem

Early Career Video Library

Resource Videos
Brown Bag Lunch Series Videos
Digging Up Data Workshop Series Videos (co-organized by Open Context and Early Career Scholars Committee)
Research in Action Series Videos

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