Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Open Access Journal: Archaeological Textiles Newsletter - Archaeological Textiles Review

ISSN: 0169-7331
The purpose of the society is to disseminate knowledge of textile research. This will be accomplished through an annual meeting and the publication of the Archaeological Textiles Newsletter.

Anyone interested in textile research can be admitted. At the time of the establishment of the society the annual membership fee is €20. The membership entitles subscription to the above mentioned publication which is published at a minimum of once annually. At the same time membership gives the right to purchase future supplementary publications in the series Archaeological Textiles Newsletter. The membership does not give title to the assets of the society, nor are the members liable for the obligations of the society.

The fifth issue of the annual Archaeological Textiles Review, ATR 58 2016, was sent out to the members at the beginning of January 2017. We hope the readers will appreciate this comprehensive and varied issue.

Issues 1-45 are now available as free, downloadable PDFs on this homepage. Three-volume hard copies of ATN 1-20, ATN 21-34 and ATN 35-45 are now also available as print-on-demand from the University of Copenhagen webshop.

Please use ATR as a medium for distributing the growing amount of information on textile archaeology, and keep sending us articles and reviews. We encourage the contributors to submit their articles throughout the year to spread the editing workload. 

The next deadline for contributions to the ATR 2017 Issue 59 is the 1st of May. ATR 59 will be published in autumn 2017.

You can keep up with events and news in textile archaeology on the Friends of ATR Facebook page: We have many followers, so please spread the word and also send us your news and announcements.

It is now possible to download ATN issues 46–57 - see menu Download issue

ATN 10 ATN 20 ATN 30 ATN 40 ATN 50
ATN 1 ATN 11 ATN 21 ATN 31 ATN 41 ATN 51
ATN 2 ATN 12 ATN 22 ATN 32 ATN 42 ATN 52
ATN 3 ATN 13 ATN 23 ATN 33 ATN 43 ATN 53
ATN 4 ATN 14 ATN 24 ATN 34 ATN 44 ATR 54
ATN 5 ATN 15 ATN 25 ATN 35 ATN 45 ATR 55
ATN 6 ATN 16 ATN 26 ATN 36 ATN 46 ATR 56
ATN 7 ATN 17 ATN 27 ATN 37 ATN 47 ATR 57
ATN 8 ATN 18-19 ATN 28 ATN 38 ATN 48
ATN 9 ATN 29 ATN 39 ATN 49


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