Sunday, February 1, 2015

Open Access Monograph Series: Abusir

The Abusir Series
The publications of the Czech Institute of Egyptology are distributed by Oxbow Books. A selection of older publications could be downloaded in pdf format from the subpage Electronic publications. The publications of the members of the staff of Czech Institute of Egyptology are also available on
Abusir I - Miroslav Verner, The Mastaba of Ptahshepses: Reliefs (.pdf to download)
Abusir III - Miroslav Verner, The Pyramid Complex of Khentkaus (.pdf to download)
Abusir IV - Ladisav Bareš, The Shaft Tomb of Udjahorresnet (.pdf to download)
Abusir V - Miroslav Bárta, The Cemeteries at Abusir South 1 (.pdf to download)
Abusir VI - Miroslav Verner - Vivienne G. Callender, Djedkare's Family Cemetery (.pdf to download) 

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