Saturday, September 24, 2016

Latin Teaching Materials at Saint Louis University

 [First posted on AWOL 10 December 2012, updated 24 September 2016]

Latin Teaching Materials at Saint Louis University
Claude Pavur
The ultimate outcomes of Latin studies relate to your quality of consciousness, and to the breadth and depth of your vision. You do not even know who you are if you have no memory. If you develop your memory of and appreciation of significant realities, if you learn how to judge what is helpful and admirable and what is not, then you are being helped to becoming a greater person yourself, that unique "greater person" that you are called to be. ("Become who you are!" says Pindar.) Latinity is a significant part of the past for us. We have to know it to more fully know who we are culturally, but it also gives us a wealth of material that can help us to fashion ourselves individually.

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