Friday, March 22, 2024

American School of Classical Studies at Athens Educational Resources

Learn about the archaeology of Ancient Corinth, archaeological fieldwork, museum work, and much more by exploring our educational resources below.


Explore numerous topics on our Flip page to learn about ancient fish, curse tablets, Pegasus, and much more!


Lesson Plans

The lesson plans primarily follow middle school social studies (or interdisciplinary) learning standards. They cover topics from water management to religion, trade, diet, and disease. Lessons plans use artifacts excavated in Ancient Corinth from the Classical to the Byzantine periods (roughly 500 BCE to 1450 CE) as a foundation for learning. They can be downloaded for free by clicking on the tab labeled "Lesson Plans".


Virtual Field Trip to Ancient Corinth

You can connect LIVE with an archaeologist and learn firsthand about archaeological fieldwork, museum work, and the archaeology of Ancient Corinth. The session is FREE and classrooms can connect on any preferred video conferencing platform. All you need is access to the internet and a webcam! Send us an email to schedule your virtual field trip.



Videos on a range of archaeological topics can be found on the ASCSA's vimeo page. Uncovering the Identity of Ancient Corinth and Alketas of Halieis, being blind, saw a dream: Personal Stories of Sickness and Cure in the Asklepieion in Ancient Corinth are exclusively on Corinthian topics.

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