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Open Access Journal: Pnyx: Journal of Classical Studies

 [First posted in AWOL 25 December 2022, updated 29 March 2024]
ISSN: 2754-5725 (online)

 Company Logo: three steps that symbolise the speaker's rostrum at Pnyx on a rocky background; to the right, text: Pnyx: Journal of Classical Studies

Founded in July 2021 and based in Nottingham, Pnyx is the first endeavour of Isegoria Publishing, a free, digital, Open Access publisher in Classical Studies, World Archaeology, and their Receptions. We prioritise under-represented groups, provide in-house services, forge close relationships with authors, promote important work conducted worldwide, encourage diversity, and widen participation in a truly global environment. We provide genuinely supportive, personalised, professional service. No author will be sent away on account of language, status, position, or gender. We will be working closely with authors to develop their ideas rather than sweeping through the submitted manuscripts to find readily publishable papers. Our purpose is to support the vast majority of scholars currently under-represented in the market and contribute towards a truly global community.  

Our Vision

We forge strong ties with individuals and scholarly circles worldwide, and we give them a platform to express their views. We streamline the process of authoring a paper by allowing authors to concentrate on their work without worrying over tedious and costly tasks, such as formatting and language editing. For more information, please check on Isegoria's website here.

Vol. 2 No. 1 (2023): Pnyx: Journal of Classical Studies

Published: 30-06-2023


Manolis Pagkalos



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