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Open Access Journal: Journal of Latin Cosmopolitanism and European Literatures

[First posted in AWOL 223 October 2019, updated 23 November 2021]

Journal of Latin Cosmopolitanism and European Literatures

 ISSN 2593-743X

The Journal of Latin Cosmopolitanism and European Literatures (JOLCEL) is a peer-reviewed journal which publishes two issues per year in open access. Our format is dialogical and combines three articles with a reaction by a respondent. The journal is closely linked to the activities of the research group RELICS (Researchers of European Literary Identity, Cosmopolitanism and the Schools), which aims to develop a large international network of researchers interested in these themes. RELICS organizes two workshops a year and regular large conferences.

Focus and Scope

The Journal of Latin Cosmopolitanism and European Literatures (JOLCEL) aims to be a platform for research on the dynamic role of Latin as a cosmopolitan language within European literary history. With a dialogical format, the journal seeks to perform the academic discussion on what shapes European literary identity.

Contributions to the Journal treat topics that cross traditional chronological and linguistic boundaries. From the first century AD to roughly the eighteenth century, Latin functioned as the standard equipment of European authors and their readers and remained an undercurrent through European history. Through its constant interactions with other languages with cosmopolitan standing (Greek, Arabic and Hebrew) and with the rapidly changing literary production in the vernaculars, Latin strongly defined Europe’s literary identity.

The dialogical approach to European literary identity is reflected in the journal’s format. Papers are clustered in groups of three based on a common question, but regarded from the viewpoints of  different historical periods and/or literatures. For each group, an established researcher and specialist on the subject reflects upon the papers in an additional contribution. This respondent looks for connections and differences and places the insights in a broader perspective. Hereby, we establish a dialogue between voices that find few platforms to communicate in traditional academic structures. The respondents moderate the ongoing debate and guarantee the journal’s place at the frontiers of research.

The authority in the title of this issue does not just refer to those authorities that dominate literary history. Rather, it refers to the ones that held sway over classrooms where education in Latin was the norm. Sometimes, these are the same ones we know from literary history. Sometimes, they are not, because changing norms and ideals have obscured their role. In this issue, three articles look at literature and authority from the vantage point of what was read in school.

Current Issue

No 5 (2021): Imperialism and Cosmopolitan Literature

The JOLCEL spring issue of 2021 is a thematic issue about one of the central concepts in the name of the journal itself: cosmopolitanism. The name JOLCEL refers to Latin cosmopolitanism and European Literatures. The three articles assembled in the journal's fifth issue demonstrate how literature created concepts of cosmopolitanism to explore the fissures between (historical) imperialism and idealisations of that imperialism by means of cosmopolitan ideologies.

Published: 2021-06-02

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