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Religion and Cult in the Dodecanese during the First Millennium BC: Proceedings of the International Archaeological Conference

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Religion and Cult in the Dodecanese during the First Millennium BC publishes the proceedings of the conference of the same name, held in Rhodes in October 2018. Religion has always been one of the major components of peoples’ lives, an integral part of social, economic and political contexts, contributing to the formation of culture and history. In order to study and understand the religious and cult practices of a particular region, it is necessary to explore their various expressions through material culture and written sources. The oldest known cult remains in the Dodecanese can be dated to the end of the 10th and early 9th centuries BC and throughout the 1st millennium BC. They demonstrate the existence of a vibrant island society with various evolving cult practices. As a major stopover on maritime trade routes, the southeastern Aegean was influenced by contacts from throughout the Greek world and beyond. The contributions to this volume draw on archaeological and literary sources to explore both the development and continuity of cults in the Dodecanese, from the Early Iron Age through to the 1st century BC. 

H 290 x W 205 mm

338 pages

200 figures, 12 charts, 5 tables (colour throughout)

Published Jul 2023

Archaeopress Archaeology


Paperback: 9781803274515

Digital: 9781803274522

DOI 10.32028/9781803274515


Editorial Note

Religion and cult in the Dodecanese during the 1st Millennium BC: A summary – Fani K. Seroglou

Ancient Greek religion and cult: A theoretical framework – Georgios Mavroudis

Religion and cult in the archaeological context – Konstantinos Kalogeropoulos

From Helios to Asklepios: Contrasting and complementary perceptions of divinity – Richard Buxton

The formation and evolution of the ‘pantheons’ of the Rhodian cities after the synoecism – Dimitra-Maria Lala

Sacrifice, synoikism, and local epigraphic habits: A reconsideration of Rhodian sacrificial inscriptions – Juliane Zachhuber

The cult of Enyalios: Epigraphic evidence on military organisation and taxation in Lindos – Vincent Gabrielsen

The multifunctional Athana Lindia: Discussing the aspects of a goddess through sanctuary setting
and votive offerings – Sanne Hoffmann

Public servants and cult officials: The socio-economic standing and activities of the priests of Apollo and the hieropoioi at Halasarna, Kos, c. 220–180 BC – Kerstin Höghammar

Politics and religion on Koan coin types (end of 3rd – first half of 2nd century BC) – Vassiliki E. Stefanaki and Angeliki Giannikouri

Technically gifted: Votive deposits from Kamiros acropolis – Nicholas Salmon

Sculpture from ‘Pantheon’: An open-air sanctuary at the foothills of the Rhodian acropolis – Kalliope Bairami

Dedications, dedicators and cults at ancient Halasarna of Cos – Georgia Kokkorou-Alevras and Georgios Doulfis

Sculpture in religious context: Reconstructing the cult of Asklepios on Kalymnos – Dimitrios Bosnakis

Synecism as a divide? Cults of the Rhodian cities: Ancient hypotheses, new perspectives – Maria Chiara Monaco

An open-air sanctuary of Kybele? in the city of Rhodes – Vassiliki Patsiada

Temples, sacred places and cults in the city of Rhodes: Revisiting the evidence – Maria Michalaki Kollia

Early Iron Age Kamiros and its sanctuaries: Some observations – Isabella Bossolino

Revisiting the Archaic shrine, ‘La Chapelle’, of Vroulia (Rhodes) – Jérémy Lamaze

The Sanctuary of Zeus on Mt Atavyros, Rhodes: Some preliminary notes on its architecture – Giorgio Rocco and Monica Livadiotti

Forms of private and public devotion in the Dodecanese in the Hellenistic Age: The cases of the Great Gods and Hecate – Romina Carboni and Emiliano Cruccas

Divine travellers from Egypt settling on Rhodes: Some issues for discussion – Charikleia Fantaoutsaki

Ἴσ[ει] Σωτείρα. The cult of Isis on the island of Rhodes in the Hellenistic Age – Panayotis Pachis

Rhodian cults in the Greek colonies of Sicily: A research prologue – Paolo Daniele Scirpo

Visual and written testimonies on the cult of Dionysus in the Dodecanese – Dimitris Paleothodoros and Georgios Mavroudis

De natura δεκάτης (or -ας) – Alan W. Johnston

The sanctuaries and cults of Demeter on Rhodes – Aynur-Michèle-Sara Karatas


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