Saturday, July 15, 2023

Open Access Journal: The Journal of Interactive Humanities

[While not specifically ancient related this journal will be worth watching.]

The Journal of Interactive Humanities
ISSN: 2165-7564

Journal of Interactive Humanities The Journal of Interactive Humanities is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that provides a forum for discussion and publication on the intersection of interactive media, design and the humanities.
The humanities have begun to embrace digital technology as a means of expressing scholarship and thought. However, it has become apparent that humanities content cannot simply be transferred into these new media. The humanities may be making the mistake it has observed of other fields: “Part of the problem seems to lie in our faith that somehow technology itself, like miraculous new medical equipment for seeing inside the human body, will solve our problems…” (Tuman, Myron C. Word Perfect: Literacy in the Computer Age. Univ of Pittsburgh Press, 1992.) This journal seeks to focus on the design and development of humanities specific content for interactive design, games, art, performance and digital technology. Submission of articles, reviews and creative works from academics and practitioners is encouraged.

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