Sunday, July 16, 2023

Neue Quellen zum griechisch-römisch-byzantinischen Ägypten : Erstedition von fünfzehn griechischen Papyrustexten der Berliner Papyrussammlung

The dissertation presents the first edition of fifteen unpublished Greek papyri preserved in the Egyptian Museum and Papyrus Collection in Berlin. The papyri illustrate various aspects of the social, administrative, economic and cultural life of Graeco-Roman-Byzantine Egypt from the 3rd century BCE until the 7th century CE. They were acquired by the Egyptian Museum in Berlin through excavations or purchases from various sites in Egypt. The dissertation is divided into three main sections, which correspond to the different typologies of texts edited: 'Literature', 'Science' and 'Documentary Papyri'. The first part, 'Literature', opens with a brief excursus on the Homeric papyri, which focuses in particular on the papyri's contribution to the reconstruction of the ancient text of the Iliad and the Odyssey and discusses the central role of Homer as a point of reference for the Greek cultural identity in Egypt. The excursus provides a framework for the first papyrus edited in the dissertation, which contains parts of Odyssey XIX. The second part, 'Science', deals with papyri of medical content, focusing especially on a particular area of ancient medicine: pharmacology. This section presents the editions of three medical papyri containing recipes for various scopes. The third part contains editions of eleven documentary papyri, which shed light on specific aspects of everyday life in Greco-Roman-Byzantine Egypt. Each papyrus provides new attestations for words, expressions, concepts and types of documents, which could be helpful for further research not only within the field of Papyrology but also of Ancient History and Classical Philology


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