Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Greek Inscriptions Online (GIO)

Greek Inscriptions Online (GIO)


The mission of GIO is to make the texts of ancient Greek inscriptions accessible to speakers of the Modern Greek language, especially to Greek university level students and faculty, as well as high school teachers and pupils. GIO also seeks to promote the study of Ancient Greek language and History by emphasizing the importance of translation of ancient epigraphic documents into modern languages. It stresses the value of translating as a scholarly exercise and the importance of translation for the dissemination of the knowledge and understanding of Greek Antiquity.

Collaboration with ΑΙΟ

GIO collaborates with Attic Inscriptions Online (AIO) a project founded in 2012 that publishes online translations of Attic inscriptions into English with a wealth of epigraphic, historic and bibliographic information and scholarly research. AIO has made available its unique design and infrastructure to GIO, and the two sites work closely together, sharing epigraphic texts in ancient Greek, as well as images and other data.

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