Monday, March 1, 2010

Open Access Journal: Counterfeit Coin Newsletter

Counterfeit Coin Newsletter

The aim of this website is to assist in the battle against the counterfeiting of coins. To achieve this aim the site provides information on genuine British milled coins, on the science of examining coins and on counterfeit coins of all types. A new edition of the Counterfeit Coin Newsletter is posted on this site every six months. The latest edition of the Newsletter is at: Counterfeit Coin Newsletter No.13 January 2010.

No.1, December 2003
No.2, July 2004
No.3, December 2004
No.4, July 2005
No.5, December 2005
No.6, July 2006
No.7, December 2006
No.8, July 2007
No.9, December 2007
No.10, July 2008
No.11, January 2009
No.12, September 2009
No.13, January 2010
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Counterfeit Coin Newsletter

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