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New in AMAR

AMAR: Archive of Mesopotamian Archaeological Site Reports

The Archive of Mesopotamian Archaeological Reports (AMAR) collection is under development as part of the Iraq Cultural Heritage Program Grant. The Iraq Cultural Heritage Project (ICHP) was established in 2008 through a grant from the US Embassy Baghdad. The Cultural Affairs Office at the Embassy oversees the project. International Relief and Development (IRD), a US-based non-governmental organization, implements the project for the Embassy.

The project director, Elizabeth Stone, has directed archaeological excavations in Iraq, has been engaged in advanced training for Iraqi archaeologists and has attempted to document and stem the damage to Iraq's archaeological sites. Dr. Stone is collaborating with the University Libraries at Stony Brook University to make the AMAR collection available online. Before developing this online collection, she contributed more than one hundred digitized volumes to the ETANA website.

The aim of the AMAR project is to digitize 500 archaeological site reports describing archaeological excavations both in Iraq and in the immediately surrounding areas (Turkey, Syria, Iran and the Gulf). This will include both out-of-copyright as well as in-copyright and in-print materials. This online collection is intended to provide basic sources of information to our colleagues in Iraq, and also other archaeologists working in the Middle East. October 2010 is the projected completion date.

The electronic files are only to be distributed from the AMAR Web site. Individuals, libraries, institutions, and others may download one complimentary copy for their own personal use. Links to the AMAR Web site are welcomed.

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As of today, AMAR holds eighty-nine titles. Titles recently added include:

Das Ischtar-tor in Babylon nach den Ausgrabungen durch die Deutsche Orient-GesellschaftKoldewey, Robert, 1855-1925Architecture, Assyro-Babylonian1918

Die Konigsburgen von Babylon. I Die SudburgKoldewey, Robert, 1855-19251931

Die Konigsburgen von Babylon. II Die Hauptburg und der Sommerpalast Nebukadnezars im Hugel BabilKoldewey, Robert, 1855-19251932

Die Konigsburgen von Babylon. II Die Hauptburg und der Sommerpalast Nebukadnezars im Hugel BabilKoldewey, Robert, 1855-19251922

A study of the cranial and skeletal material excavated at NippurSwindler, Daris RayAnthropometry -- Iraq
Anthropometry -- Mesopotamia

Elmali-Karatasi I: the Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods: Bagbasi and other sitesEslick, Christine, 1946-Excavations (Archaeology) -- Turkey -- Asia Minor
Pottery -- Turkey -- Asia Minor

Excavations at Tepe Yahya, Iran, 1967-1975: the third millenniumPotts, Daniel T.Excavations (Archaeology) -- Iran -- Yahya, Tepe.2001

Excavations at Tepe Yahya, Iran 1967-1969: progress report 1Lamberg-Karlovsky, C. C., 1937-Asia Institute of Pahlavi University1970

Zeugma: interim reports: Rescue excavations (Packard Humanities Institute), Inscription of Antiochus I, Bronze statute of Mars, House and mosaic of the Synaristosai, and Recent work of the Roman army at ZeugmaEarly, RobertExcavations (Archaeology) -- Turkey2003

Figurines from Seleucia on the Tigris: discovered by the expeditions conducted by the University of Michigan with the cooperation of the Toledo Museum of Art and the Cleveland Museum of Art, 1927-1932Elarth, Wilhelmina Van Ingen, 1905-1969Terra-cotta sculpture -- Iraq -- Babylonia1939

Das wieder erstehende Babylon: die bisherigen ergebnisse der deutschen ausgrabungenKoldewey, Robert, 1855-19251913

Le palais de Darius Ier a SusePillet, M. L.Darius I, King of Persia, 548-485 B.C.
Palaces -- Iran -- Susa (Extinct city)

Nouvelles fouilles de Tello, par le commandant Gaston CrosCros, Gaston, 1861-Cuneiform inscriptions

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