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Early China

Early China
Welcome to the Early China Website, the internet home of the Society for the Study of Early China (SSEC), hosted by the University of Chicago Library. The overall mission of this site is to foster scholarly exchange and communication among all people interested in the culture and civilization of China from earliest times down to and including the period of the Han dynasty (A.D. 220). We hope that the site will be more than just a place to publicize the activities and publications of the SSEC, but that it can be a home to various types of research projects small and large that are more suitable to online rather than traditional print publication. We also hope to publicize the news, events, and scholarly activities and interests of people in the field, much as the Society’s newsletter, Early China News, once did before it ceased publication in 1998.

Database of Early Chinese Manuscripts

By Enno Giele (Copyright, 2001)

Last update: 09.01.2000

The Database of Early Chinese Manuscripts consists of two HTML files, one a list of 158 SITES that have yielded manuscript materials, the other a list of 287 MANUSCRIPTS (mss.htm). When you enter the database, you will first see SITES. Clicking on a serial number in SITES will bring you to the manuscript(s) associated with that site in MANUSCRIPTS. All manuscripts from a given site bear the same serial number as the site itself. Clicking on a serial number in MANUSCRIPTS will take you back to the corresponding site in SITES.


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