Monday, May 11, 2020

Open Access Journal: Ploutarchos: The Scholarly Journal of the International Plutarch Society

Ploutarchos: The Scholarly Journal of the International Plutarch Society
ISSN: 0258-655X
Ploutarchos n.s. is an international scholarly journal devoted to research on Plutarch's works, on their value as a source for ancient history and as literary documents, and on their influence on humanism. It is directed to specialists on these topics. The principal areas of research of this journal are Classical Philology, Ancient History, and the Classical Tradition.

Contributions must be sent to the Coordinator, Prof. Aurelio Pérez Jiménez, or to the Editor, Prof. Frances Titchener, before the 30th of March of each year. Articles and notes will be published following positive evaluation by two external referees.
The full content of Volumes 1-10 (2003-2013) is available courtesy of Coimbra University Press.

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