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Open Access Journal: The Israel Museum Studies in Archaeology

The Israel Museum Studies in Archaeology
ISNN: 1565-3617
An annual publication of The Samuel Bronfman Biblical and Archaeological Museum of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, with the support of the Israel Museum Publications Fund
Volume 8 (2016-2017)
Yigal Bloch and Laura A. Peri I Placed My Name There: The Great Inscription of Tukulti-NinurtaI, King of Assyria, from the Collection of David and Cindy Sofer, London Download Pdf »

Rachel Caine Kreinin “Divine Reflexivity”: a Case Study of Greco-Roman Egyptian Terracotta Figurines from the Collection of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem Download Pdf »
Orit Peleg-Barkat, Hillel Geva and Ronny Reich A Monumental Herodian Ionic Capital from the Upper City of Jerusalem Download Pdf »
Ronny Reich Addendum 1:
Where was the Capital Incorporated?
Download Pdf »
Orit Peleg-Barkat, Hillel Geva Addendum 2:
A Monumental Herodian Ionic Capital from the Royal Stoa? – a Reply to Ronny Reich
Download Pdf »
Tali Sharvit A Marble Sphinx Statue from Horvat Omrit Download Pdf »
Moshe Fischer, Arie Nissenbaum and Yannis Maniatis Appendix:
Marble Analysis of the Omrit Sphinx
Download Pdf »
Karni Golan, Haim Goldfus and David Mevorah Why Hide? – Hoarding in Late Antiquity in View of a Byzantine Hoard from Israel Download Pdf »
Bruno Callegher A Hoard of Byzantine Folles (ca. 610 CE) within a Hoard of Bronze Objects: Some Hypotheses Download Pdf »



Volume 7 - 2015 


Fanny Vitto     Wall Paintings in the Synagogue of Rehov: An Account of Their Discovery
Download Pdf »

Haggai Misgav     The List of Fast Days from the Synagogue of Rehov
Download Pdf »

Edna Engel, Mordechay Mishor     An Ancient Scroll of the Book of Exodus:
The Reunion of Two Separate Fragments
Download Pdf »

Michael Maggen     Appendix 1
The Conservation of MS Ashkar
Download Pdf »

James H. Charlesworth     Appendix 2
Ashkar Manuscript 2:
Introducing a Phenomenal
New Witness to the Bible
Download Pdf »

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