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e-Clavis: Christian Apocrypha

e-Clavis: Christian Apocrypha
e-Clavis: Christian Apocrypha is a comprehensive bibliography of Christian Apocrypha research assembled and maintained by members of the North American Society for the Study of Christian Apocryphal Literature (NASSCAL). Entries for each text include a detailed description (a summary, the various titles used in scholarship, clavis numbers, and identification of related literature), an inventory of manuscript sources (with online images where available), an extensive bibliography (including online resources), and information about the text’s use in iconography and popular culture.

One of the primary goals of this resource is to encourage interaction and collaboration among scholars of the Christian Apocrypha. Entries are prepared by scholars working with the texts; users are encouraged to contact the contributors with suggestions for improvement or enhancement. The success of e-Clavis is contingent upon the willingness of users and contributors to exchange information and consistently update the entries.

e-Clavis is looking for volunteers to contribute entries for unassigned texts. Contact members of the editorial board for more information.
Abgar Correspondence
Act of Peter (CANT 190.I)
Act of Peter in Ashdod
Acts and Martyrdom of Bartholomew
Acts and Martyrdom of James, the Brother of the Lord
Acts and Martyrdom of Matthew
Acts and Martyrdom of Matthias
Acts of Andrew
Acts of Andrew and Bartholomew (CANT 238)
Acts of Andrew and Matthias (CANT 236)
Acts of Andrew and Paul
Acts of Andrew and Philemon (CANT 240)
Acts of Barnabas (CANT 285)
Acts of Bartholomew
Acts of Bartholomew and Barnabas
Acts of Cornelius
Acts of James, Son of Zebedee
Acts of James the Just (CANT 276)
Acts of John (CANT 215)
Acts of John by Pseudo-Prochorus (CANT 218)
Acts of John in the City of Rome (CANT 216)
Acts of Mar Mari
Acts of Mark
Acts of Matthew and Andrew
Acts of Matthew and Andrew in the City of Kahenat (CANT 268)
Acts of Nereus and Achillius
Acts of Paul/Paul and Thecla
Acts of Paul and Andrew
Acts of Peter (CANT 190)
Acts of Peter and Andrew
Acts of Peter and Paul (Arabic, Ethiopic) (CANT 203)
Acts of Peter and Paul (Coptic) (CANT 201)
Acts of Peter and the Twelve Apostles (CANT 207)
Acts of Peter by Clement (CANT 205)
Acts of Philip
Acts of Philip and Peter (CANT 252)
Acts of Pilate
Acts of Simon the Canaanite (CANT 282)
Acts of Stephen
Acts of Thaddaeus
Acts of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul (CANT 193.2)
Acts of Thomas (CANT 245)
(Minor) Acts of Thomas
Acts of Timothy (CANT 295)
Acts of Titus (CANT 298)
1 Apocryphal Apocalypse of John (CANT 331)
2 Apocryphal Apocalypse of John (CANT 332)
3 Apocryphal Apocalypse of John
(Latin) Apocalypse of John
Apocalypse of Paul
Apocalypse of Paul (Coptic) (CANT 323)
Apocalypse of Peter (Greek/Ethiopic) (CANT 317)
Apocalypse of Peter (Coptic) (CANT 324)
Apocalypse of Thomas
Apocalypse of the Virgin (CANT 327)
Apocryphon of James
Apocryphon of John
Armenian Infancy Gospel
Arabic Infancy Gospel (CANT 58)
Ascension of Isaiah

Berlin-Strasbourg Apocryphon
Birth of John, the Forerunner (CANT 180.3)
Book about the Birth of the Savior (Latin Infancy Gospel) (CANT 53)
Book of the Covenant
Book of the Rolls
Book of the Rooster
Book of the Resurrection of Christ by Bartholomew the Apostle
Book of Thomas the Contender
Books of Jeu

3 Corinthians (CANT 211.IV)
Cure of Tiberias (CANT 69)

Dance of the Savior
Death of Judas according to Papias
Death of Pilate (Mors Pilati)
Decapitation of John the Forerunner (CANT 180.2)
Dialogue of the Savior (CANT 25)
Dialogue of John with Jesus
Dialogue between Jesus and Andrew
Dialogue of Jesus with the Devil
Dialogue of the Paralytic with Christ (CANT 85)
Dialogue of Timothy and Aquila
Discourse of the Savior
Discovery of John the Baptist’s Head
Doctrine of Addai (CANT 89)
Dormition of the Virgin
Dream of Nero

Encomium on John the Baptist (CANT 185)
Encomium on Mary Magdalene (CANT 73)
Encomium of the Apostles by Severian of Gabala
Epistle of Christ and Abgar
Epistle of Christ from Heaven (CANT 311)
Epistle of James to Quadratus (CANT 308)
Epistle of Lentulus
Epistle of Pelagius
Letter of Peter to Philip (CANT 26)
Epistle of Pilate to Claudius
Epistle of Pilate to Tiberius
Epistle of Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite to Timothy (CANT 197)
Epistles of Paul and Seneca (CANT 306)
Epistles of Pilate and Herod
Epistle of Pseudo-Titus
Epistle of Tiberius to Pilate
Epistle to the Alexandrians
Epistle to the Apostles
Epistle to the Laodiceans (CANT 305)
Exhortation of the Apostle Peter

Fayyum Fragment
Freer Logion (CANT 21)

Gospel and Traditions of Matthias
Gospel of Bartholomew
Gospel of Gamaliel
Gospel of Jesus’ Wife
(Apocryphal) Gospel of John (CANT 44)
Gospel of Judas
Gospel of Mary
Gospel of Nicodemus
Gospel of Peter
Gospel of Philip (CANT 20)
Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew (CANT 51)
Gospel of the Ebionites
Gospel of the Egyptians
Gospel of the Hebrews
Gospel of the Nazarenes
Gospel of the Savior (see Berlin-Strasbourg Apocryphon)
Gospel of Thomas (CANT 19)
Gospel of the Twelve
Greater Questions of Mary

Handing Over of Pilate (Paradosis Pilati)
History of John (Syriac) (CANT 222)
History of Joseph the Carpenter
History of Paul
History of Simon Cephas, the Chief of the Apostles (CANT 200)
History of Philip (CANT 253)
History of the Holy Rood-tree
History of the Virgin (East Syriac) (CANT 94)
Homily on the Life of Jesus and His Love for the Apostles (CANT 81)
Hospitality of Dysmas (CANT 78.4)
Hospitality and Ointment of the Bandit (CANT 78.1)
Hospitality and Perfume of the Bandit (CANT 78.3)

Infancy Gospel of Thomas (CANT 57)
Investiture of Abbaton (CANT 332)

John and the Robber
John and Cerinthus

Lament of Mary
Legend of Aphroditianus (CANT 55)
Legend of Simon and Theonoae
Legend of the Thirty Silver Pieces
Letter of Luke
Life and Conduct of the Holy Women Xanthippe, Polyxena, and Rebecca
Life and Martyrdom of John the Baptist (CANT 181)
Life and Miracles of Saint Thecla
Life of Mary (West Syriac)
Life of John the Baptist by Serapion (CANT 183)
Life of Joseph of Arimathea (CANT 77)
Life of Judas
Life of Mary (Coptic)
Life of Mary Magdalene
Life of Peter (CANT 198)
Life of Titus

Martyrdom of Andrew (CANT 235)
Martyrdom of Bartholomew (CANT 260)
Martyrdom of James, Son of Alphaeus
Martyrdom of James, Son of Zebedee (CANT 273.2)
Martyrdom of John by Melito of Laodicea
Martyrdom of Luke (Arabic) (CANT 293)
Martyrdom of Mark (CANT 287)
Martyrdom of Matthew (CANT 269)
Martyrdom of Matthias (CANT 280.2)
Martyrdom of Paul the Apostle and the Discovery of his Severed Head
Martyrdom of Paul by Linus
Martyrdom of Peter and Paul (CANT 206)
Martyrdom of Blessed Peter the Apostle (Ps.-Linus) (CANT 191)
Martyrdom of Philip
Martyrdom of Simon and Jude
Martyrdom of Stephen
Martyrdom of Thomas
Martyrdom of Timothy
Martyrdom of Zechariah (CANT 180.1)
Miracles of Jesus (CANT 45)
Miracles of Mary
Mysteries of John (CANT 333)

Narrative of Joseph of Arimathea (CANT 76)
Nativity of Mary (CANT 52)

On Herod and John the Baptist
On the Funeral of Jesus
On the Priesthood of Jesus (CANT 54)
On the Star by Pseudo-Eusebius of Caesarea

Papyrus Berlin 11710 (CANT 7)
Papyrus Egerton 2 (CANT 2)
Papyrus Merton 51
Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 210
Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 840 (CANT 1)
Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 5072
Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 1224 (CANT 3)
Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 2949 (CANT 8)
Papyrus Cairensis 10735 (CANT 4)
Passion of John the Baptist (Ps.-Symeon Metaphrastes) (CANT 182)
Passion of the Apostles Peter and Paul (CANT 194)
Passion of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul (Ps.-Marcellus) (CANT 193.1)
Passion of Peter (Ps.-Abdias) (CANT 195)
Passion of Peter (Ps.-Symeon Metaphrastes) (CANT 196)
Passion of Peter and Paul (Ps.-Hegesippus) (CANT 192)
Pistis Sophia
Prayer of the Apostle Paul
Preaching of Bartholomew and Peter in the Oasis (CANT 261)
Preaching of James, Son of Zebedee (CANT 273.1)
Preaching of Jude, Brother of Jesus
Preaching of Peter (Arabic) (CANT 202)
Preaching of Peter (Coptic, Ethiopic) (CANT 204)
Preaching of Peter (CANT 208)
Preaching of Simon Cephas in the City of Rome (CANT 199)
Protevangelium of James (CANT 50)
Pseudo-Clementines (CANT 209)

Questions of Bartholomew
Questions of James to John (CANT 279)

Rebellion of Dimas (CANT 78.2)
Report of Pontius Pilate (Anaphora Pilati)
(First) Revelation of James
(Second) Revelation of James
Revelation of John about Antichrist
Revelation of the Magi
Revelation of Stephen

Second Discourse of the Great Seth
Secret Gospel of Mark (CANT 15)
Sibylline Oracles (CANT 319)

Testament of Our Savior
Tiburtine Sibyl (CANT 320)
Toledot Yeshu
Travels of Peter

Vengeance of the Savior (CANT 70)
Virtutes Iohannis (Ps.-Abdias) (CANT 219)
Vision of Theophilus (CANT 56)

Wisdom of Jesus Christ

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