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The Bible and Interpretations: News and Interpretations on the Bible and Ancient Near East History

Our Purpose

This site, the Bible and Interpretation, is designed to appeal to a significant public and scholarly audience who are interested in the most current news and interpretations on the Bible and ancient Near East history.

It is our endeavor to bring the latest news and information in the field of biblical studies to a wide readership and to contact scholars for comment and analysis. As our site matures and grows, we will elicit articles from individuals representing the best scholarship available for the general public and student.

Our Philosophy

It is this site's philosophy that biblical scholarship is only relevant when it is accessible to a wide audience interested in the field of biblical studies. Contributors to this site are asked to write in an informative and comprehensible style. Therefore, Bible and Interpretation will enlist scholars noted for their clarity, analysis and commentary of biblical topics, literature, archaeology and the ancient Near East. In addition, we will feature new scholars whose ideas may receive first recognition on the Web site.

Nonetheless, neither esoteric and improbable positions nor apologetic and dogmatic agendas will be accepted. The contributors will develop a style, vocabulary and conclusion accessible to the general public, student and teacher, and maintain the requirements of biblical scholarship.



Mark Elliott

Patricia Landy

Robert Rezetko

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