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Open Access Journal: Eranos. Acta philologica Suecana

 [First posted in AWOL 4 May 2022, updated 15 January 2024]
ISSN: (online) 2004-6332
ISSN: (print) 0013-9947 

Eranos. Acta philologica Suecana was founded in 1896 by Vilhelm Lundström, reader at Uppsala University and from 1907 professor of Classical philology at the University of Gothenburg. Prof. Lundström had sole charge of Eranos until his death in 1940 (vols. 1–37). Vol. 38 (1940) was edited by Dr. Harry Armini, Gothenburg. In 1941 the editorship was taken over by Dr. Tönnes Kleberg, Gothenburg, head librarian of Uppsala University from 1946. Assisted by various co-editors — Prof. Gudmund Björck (1946–55), Prof. Stig Y. Rudberg (1956–73), and Prof. Josef Svennung (1956–73) — he remained at the helm until the end of 1973. Thereafter the journal was edited by Prof. Birger Bergh, Lund (1973–96), Prof. Åke Fridh, Gothenburg (1973–91), Prof. Stig Y. Rudberg, Lund (1973–91), Prof. Jan-Olof Tjäder, Uppsala (1973–91), Prof. Sten Eklund, Uppsala (1991–96), Prof. Jan Fredrik Kindstrand, Uppsala (1991–2001), Prof. Lennart Rydén, Uppsala (1991–2002), Prof. Hans Helander, Uppsala (1995–2007), Prof. Monica Hedlund, Uppsala (1996–2007), Dr. Maria Berggren, Uppsala (1997– 2003), Prof. Jan Olof Rosenqvist, Uppsala (2002–5), Dr. Krister Östlund, Uppsala (2002–13), Prof. Jerker Blomqvist, Lund (2004–7), Prof. Eva-Carin Gerö, Stockholm (2002–11), Dr. Hans-Roland Johnsson, Stockholm (2008–11), Prof. Gunhild Vidén, Göteborg (2012–19), Dr. Johanna Akujärvi, Lund (2020–22).

Eranos publishes original scholarly papers (in English, German, and French) on Greek and Latin philology, including Medieval Latin, Neo-Latin and Byzantine Philology, and on Antiquity and Byzantine Studies in general. We also welcome contributions in Latin and the Scandinavian languages.

The journal has an international scope. In order to maintain a high academic standard, all submissions to Eranos are subject to anonymous peer review by at least two experts prior to publication.

Eranos is an open-access journal, and all content is published under a CC-BY license

Eranos vol. CXIII
Vol. 113 (2022)


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