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STATUES ALSO DIE: Destruction and Preservation in Ancient and Modern Times

This volume collects the viewpoints of the speakers of the International Symposium held on 28 and 29 May 2018 in Turin, following the opening of the exhibition “Statues Also Die”.
The conference was attended by scholars from different disciplinary and artistic areas, engaged in a critical discussion on the destruction and preservation of material culture in the past as well as in more recent times. These chronologically and geographically widespread phenomena are examined here through the lenses of archaeology, history, contemporary art, sociology, anthropology, and museology.

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Christian Greco

Reflection on the Exhibition Anche le statue muoiono

Caterina Cioccopiedi, Paolo Del Vesco

Muslim, Christian or British? Iconoclasm Under Every Sky

Salvatore Settis

Nineveh Is Dead. Long Live Babylon!

Simonetta Graziani

Shadow Sites

An interview with Jananne Al-Ani by Cécile Bourne Farrell

Political Destructions and the Long 19th-Century: Cases from the American Revolution to preWW I Europe

Arianna Arisi Rota

Deliberating Destruction to Archaeological Landscapes in the Konya Plain, Turkey

Christoph Bachhuber

“Lost in astonishment”: Palmyra in the Eyes of the West

Maria Teresa Grassi

Anche le statue rivivono  Statues Can Also Come Back to Life

Hourig Sourouzian

The Birth, Fall, and Renaissance of the Iraq Museum in Baghdad: Politics and Propaganda vs. Archaeology and Enhancement in Modern Iraq

Carlo Lippolis

Nation Building, Universal History and the Antiquities Market: from ancient Egypt to the 21st century Arabian Gulf

Karen Exell

Final Remarks

Elena Calandra






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