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Rethinking Orality II: The Mechanisms of the Oral Communication System in the Case of the Archaic Epos

Edited by: Andrea Ercolani and Laura Lulli
book: Rethinking Orality II

This is the second volume on the mechanisms of oral communication in ancient Greece, focused on epic poetry, a genre with deep roots in orality. Considering the critical debate about orality and its influence on the composition, diffusion and transmission of the archaic epic poems, the survey provides a reconsideration and a reassessment of the traces of orality in the archaic epic poetry, following their adaptation in the synchronic and diachronic changes of the communicative system. Combining the methods of cognitive science, and the historical and literary analysis of the texts, the research explores the complexity of the literary message of the Greek epic poetry, highlighting its position in a system of oral communication. The consideration of structural and formal aspects, i.e. the traces of orality in the narrative architecture, in the epic diction, in the meter and the formulaic system, as well as the vestiges of the mixture of orality and writing, allows to reconstruct a dynamic frame of communicative modalities which influenced and enriched the archaic epic poetry, providing it with expressive potentialities destined to a longlasting permanence in the history of the genre.

  • Published: June 6, 2022
  • ISBN: 9783110751963
  • Published: June 6, 2022
  • ISBN: 9783110750744

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Table of Contents
Publicly Available

Introduction: Orality and Epic Poetry. Old Questions and New Perspectives
Andrea Ercolani and Laura Lulli
Publicly Available

Mind-based Research Meets the Homeric Epics: Looking Again at Communicative Strategies in the Homeric Epics
Elizabeth Minchin
Open Access

Interformulaic Homer: Evidence from the “Wild” Papyri
Egbert J. Bakker
Open Access

Two Chronological Extremes of the Homeric Language: πρόφρασσα and εἶπα
Albio Cesare Cassio
Open Access

Technologies of Orality: Formularity, Meter, and Kunstsprache in Homer
Chiara Bozzone
Open Access

A Cyclic Theme in the Odyssey: The Oresteia in Zeus’ Speech (1, 28–43)
Giampiero Scafoglio
Open Access

Audiences of the Prophecy of Tiresias in Odyssey Book XI
Jonathan S. Burgess
Open Access

Traces of Orality in the Histories: The Homeric ‘Heritage’ in Herodotean Battles and Speeches
Silvia Quadrelli
Open Access

Some Reflections on Orality and Epic Poetry in Ancient Literary Criticism
Laura Lulli
Open Access

Homer and ‘the Elegists’: an Ancient Construction of Difference
Richard Hunter
Open Access

Paradoxes of ‘Orality’: A Comparison between Homeric Oral Poetry and the Heroic and Courtly Epics in Middle High German
Sonja Zeman
Open Access

Epos and Orality: Conclusive Remarks and Open Questions
Franco Montanari
Open Access

Index Notable Things
Open Access

Index Discussed Passages
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