Sunday, March 20, 2022

Attic Inscriptions Online (AIO) Update

Attic Inscriptions Online (AIO) Update


15 March 2022: Today we publish AIUK vol. 4.5 (British Museum, Dedications), accompanied by more lightly annotated versions on the AIO main site. Existing AIO entries for AIUK 4.5, nos. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, have been revised. At the same time we publish a fuller set of the Athenian dedications to Zeus Hypsistos and to the Egyptian Gods. Also included in this release are 15 decrees from Eleusis passed by military units based there (see I Eleusis 207) or fragmentary such that the issuing group is uncertain. At the same time we have lightly revised the notes on relevant inscriptions already on the site, including the base of the statue honouring Demetrios of Phaleron the Younger and four other decrees of military units at Eleusis: I Eleusis 182, 183, 184, and 211. We also publish the decrees from Eleusis of the tribe Hippothontis, the single extant decree of the deme Sounion, and a 6th-cent. BC dedication by the Sounians. For a full list of today's new entries see Publication 15 March 2022.

14 March 2022: Today we publish the 4th century BC dedications by adult gymnasiarchs (see IG II3 4, 426), and the remaining choregic dedications of the 5th and 4th centuries BC from the City Dionysia (IG II3 4, 460), Thargelia (IG II3 4, 475) and Panathenaia (IG II3 4, 433, IG II3 4, 545). For a full list of today's new entries see Publication 14 March 2022.


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