Friday, April 30, 2021

Kyprianos Update (30 April 2021)

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We’ve just posted our latest update to the Kyprianos Database of Ancient Ritual Texts and Objects. As well as correcting some small mistakes in manuscript, text, and archive entries, the update includes:

  • 10 new manuscript entries, bringing the total to 889.
    • These contain primarily Greek and/or Coptic magical texts from Egypt.
  • 26 new text entries, bringing the total to 88. Among the texts we’ve chosen for this update are…
    • the remaining curses and love spells from Cairo JdE 42573, a paper codex from the 10th or 11th century…
    • three recipes from a fragmentary magico-medical text, for treating a woman suffering from uterine bleeding, a crying child, and swelling; the last recipe seems to be drawn from a Coptic copy of the Testament of Solomon
  • The manuscripts table now contains links to the Campbell Bonner Database Magical Gems Database (for the few magical gems in Kyprianos).


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