Thursday, April 22, 2021

Open Access Monograph Series: Gaziantep Regional Project Occasional Publications (GRPOP) Online

[First posted in AWOL 11 January 2018, updated 22 April 2021]

Gaziantep Regional Project Occasional Publications (GRPOP)
ISSN: 2284-2780 

"Gaziantep Regional Project Occasional Publications," edited by Nicolò Marchetti, are non-periodical scientific studies and reports about the socio-cultural heritage and natural environment of the region of Gaziantep by the Turco-Italian Archaeological Expedition to Karkemish. GRPOP is open also to scientists from all fields and from any affiliation, contributions are peer-reviewed, enquiries may be sent to the Editorial Assistant.

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Printed versions of GRPOP may soon be purchased at Ante Quem.
2013: 2 V. Minguzzi, E. Esquilini, E. Zantedeschi Tilmen Höyük: A Mineralogical-geochemical Characterization of Some MBA and LBA Pottery Samples. 30/11/2013

2013: 3 P. Rossi Pisa, M. Speranza, M. Bittelli, H. Çakan Tilmen Höyük: Climate, Soil, Hydrology and Vegetation. 30/11/2013

2013: 4 N. Macchioni, S. Lazzeri Tilmen Höyük: Identification of Wood Species from Areas E and G. 30/11/2013

2013: 5 Y.S. Erdal Tilmen Höyük: Human Skeletal Remains from Area Q. 30/11/2013

2013: 6 M. Carra Tilmen Höyük: Archaeobotanical Remains from Area E. 30/11/2013

2013: 7 G. Marchesi Tilmen Höyük: An Inscribed Bulla from the 1962 Campaign. 30/11/2013
2014: 1 A. Adamo, C. Cappuccino Karkemish. L’Area C: contesti e materiali degli scavi del 2011. 30/12/2014
2016: 1 A. Bonomo, F. Zaina Karkemish. Report on the 2011 and 2012 Excavations in Area F. 01/09/2016
2017: 1 V. Gallerani, A. Vacca, F. Zaina Catalogue of the Pottery Materials from Karkemish in the Anatolian Civilizations Museum, Ankara 01/11/2017

2020: 1 M. Campeggi Karkemish. Report on the Investigations in the Area of the Halaf Kilns at Yunus. 01/09/2020

2013: 1 G.M. Bargossi, G. Gasparotto, M. Marocchi Tilmen Höyük: Petrographic and Geochemical Investigation on Lithic Remains from the Palace Area. 30/11/2013

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