Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Greek Myth Comix: Explaining Classics in stick-man form

[First posted on AWOL 20 July 2015, updated 7 April 2021]

L E Jenkinson-Brown (or Jenks) has taught Classical Civilisation and Introductory Latin for the past decade and a half, focussing on KS3-4 Classics and A Level Literature. She has also taught English Literature, for which she has been an examiner, and a bit of History, and sometimes even Drama.

Just so you know, the ‘L’ stands for Laura, not Lauren, and she’s an entirely different Laura Jenkinson to the one who does the really cool makeup.

Jenks is open to commissions and speaking engagements, and can even help you with teaching or self-publishing questions. Please contact her at with your query in the subject header.

If you use Greek Myth Comix as a teaching resource, or use any of the other resources in class and want to contribute, consider tipping or becoming a patron on Patreon.

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