Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Vygus Egyptian Dictionary

Vygus Egyptian Dictionary
This dictionary was compiled and sorted using Luca Brigatti’s HIEROWORD program http://home.comcast.net/~thot/ It is arranged by Gardiner sign number and not by the more traditional transliteration order.
Using this method means not having to remember all the different transliterations for each sign
e.g. Z9 which is used as a first glyph for these transliterations.
wp / wHm / mabA / Hsb / HD / xbi / xbsw / swA / sD / Sbn / Dwyw
Use the ‘Search’ function of the .pdf to search for :-word meanings / MDc / Gardiner glyphs No’s. Several signs look similar in printed material so check alternative signs if you cannot find the one you’re looking for
Best viewed at 150%, otherwise some glyphs do not show correctly. Any mistakes or additions please let me know. 
Mark Vygus 2015

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