Wednesday, September 2, 2015

TerraWatchers: Crowd Sourced Satellite Image Analysis

TerraWatchers: Crowd Sourced Satellite Image Analysis

Who We Are

TerraWatchers is dedicated to providing web-based, crowdsourced satellite image monitoring and overwatch tools for critical missions related to current events. We use interactive Google Maps© interfaces to display the latest freely available, high-resolution satellite imagery in our mission footprints.

Get Involved!

The public can participate in our citizen science efforts, and get involved in our missions by registering on the form to the right. Registered users can view and annotate satellite images with markers specific to our various missions. We provide training images for our missions, so you can see what we're looking for, and how to annotate our images.
Only registered users can annotate the satellite images with observations, so please remember to Register first, using the form in the upper right corner. If you are registering, press the "Register Here" button; it will open a small form, where we collect your name, email address, a password, and a password reminder. That's all the personal information we need, and we don't share it with others. Once you've registered, you can log in with your email address and password. Results Report as of September 2, 2015, 11:47 am (Arizona) currently has 162 registered users.

Currently, 63 users have contributed to
"The Impact of Military Activity and Looting on Archaeological Sites in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq"

98.380% of the seedpoints in the mission have been visited at least once.
There have been 9,574 visits to 2,551 of 2,593 seedpoints, an average of 3.753 visits per seedpoint.
Users have made 2,264 observations on 1,250 seedpoints (49.000% of visited seedpoints), an average of 1.811 observations per seedpoint.


  • 34 users observed 521 instances of "Looting" on/near 243 seedpoints (9.526%).
  • 19 users observed 84 instances of "Air Defense" on/near 56 seedpoints (2.195%).
  • 36 users observed 343 instances of "Revetment/Berm" on/near 189 seedpoints (7.409%).
  • 20 users observed 88 instances of "Military Hardware" on/near 63 seedpoints (2.470%).
  • 23 users observed 88 instances of "Trench" on/near 67 seedpoints (2.626%).
  • 19 users observed 85 instances of "Bunker/Shelter" on/near 58 seedpoints (2.274%).
  • 17 users observed 46 instances of "Other Structure" on/near 39 seedpoints (1.529%).
  • 24 users observed 89 instances of "Impact Crater" on/near 66 seedpoints (2.587%).
  • 9 users observed 50 instances of "Other" on/near 36 seedpoints (1.411%).
  • 1 users observed 513 instances of "Confirmed" on/near 190 seedpoints (7.448%).
  • 2 users observed 357 instances of "Correction" on/near 110 seedpoints (4.312%).

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