Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Maps: Syria 1:50.000 Series K 723, Ed 1 DMA/AMS Washington DC.

Maps: Syria 1:50.000 Series K 723, Ed 1 DMA/AMS Washington DC.
Digitized at Arachne, the central Object database of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) and the Archaeological Institute of the University of Cologne, administrated by Reinhard Foertsch.

Sheets available:
      map: Kessab: Sheet 3161 I 
      map: Al Anqawi: Sheet 3261 II 
       map: Al Haffah: Sheet 3261 III 
      map: Ordu: Sheet 3261 IV 
      map: Salqine: Sheet 3262 II 
      map: Imtan: Sheet 3354 I 
      map: Umm al Qittayn: Sheet 3354 IV 
      map: Tayma: Sheet 3355 I 
      map: Malah: Sheet 3355 II 
      map: As Suwayda: Sheet 3355 III 
      map: Idlib: Sheet 3361 IV 
      map: Dar ta Izzah: Sheet 3362 I 
      map: Urma as Sughra: Sheet 3362 II 
      map: Harim: Sheet 3362 III 
      map: Afrin: Sheet 3363 II 
      map: Radjou: Sheet 3363 III 
      map: Az Zalaf: Sheet 3455 I 
      map: Tall al Jathum: Sheet 3455 II 
      map: Tall an Nuq: Sheet 3455 III 
      map: Bl r al Khanazir: Sheet 3455 IV 
      map: Bahrat Sis: Sheet 3456 I 
      map: Harrat umm Rahil: Sheet 3456 II 
      map: Tall as Safa: Sheet 3456 III 
      map: Khabrat Turayfawi: Sheet 3457 II 
      map: Bahr Sayqal: Sheet 3457 III 
      map: Thunayyat al Yabardah: Sheet 3457 IV 
      map: Bl r Qasab: Sheet 3356 I 
      map: Ghadir al Hajj: Sheet 3356 II 
      map: Khalkhalah: Sheet 3356 III 
      map: An Nasiriyah: Sheet 3357 I 
      map: Khan abu ash Shamat: Sheet 3357 II 
      map: Jayrud: Sheet 3357 IV 
      map: Sadad: Sheet 3358 I 
      map: Dayr Atiyah: Sheet 3358 II 
      map: An Nabk: Sheet 3358 III 
      map: Jusiyah: Sheet 3358 IV 
      map: Al Mashrafah: Sheet 3359 I 
      map: Zaydal: Sheet 3359 II 
      map: Hims: Sheet 3359 III 
      map: Ar Rastan: Sheet 3359 IV 
      map: Hamdaniyah: Sheet 3360 I 
      map: Hamah (East): Sheet 3360 II 
      map: Hamah (West): Sheet 3360 III 
      map: Halfaya: Sheet 3360 IV 
      map: Saraqib: Sheet 3361 I 
      map: Jarjanaz: Sheet 3361 II 
      map: Ma arrat an Nu man: Sheet 3361 III 
      map: Jabal ash Shaykh: Sheet 3458 II 
      map: Al Qaryatayn: Sheet 3458 III 
      map: Hawarin: Sheet 3458 IV 
      map: Mas adah: Sheet 3459 I 
      map: Furqlus: Sheet 3459 III 
      map: Jabal ash Shaykh (Mount Hermon): Sheet 3156 I 
      map: Tartus: Sheet 3159 I 
      map: Hamidiyah: Sheet 3159 II 
      map: Jablah: Sheet 3160 I 
      map: Baniyas: Sheet 3160 II 

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