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Open Access at the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA)

The appearance in the current issue (Volume 65 Number 3, May/June 2012) of Archaeology of AIA President Elizabeth Bartman's column From the President: Open Access, prompted me to go in search of what sorts of open access content the AIA is in fact providing to readers around the world.  The list which follows below -- and which is by no means complete -- does not seem to support President Bartman's statement that the AIA has "taken a stand against open access".  There have been some strongly worded public reactions to the statement in Archaeology.  Others, including one co-written by me, have been sent to the AIA with the explicit intent of encouraging dialog among members of the AIA, its governance, and the archaeological community at large.

Update:  On 30 September 2012 AIA President Elizabeth Bartman published a Letter from AIA President Elizabeth Bartman on Open Access clarifying her position "In an editorial in Archaeology magazine (May/June 2012), I made a statement that I want to clarify, about the AIA's position toward open access..."  I urge you to read it.

American Journal of Archaeology Open Access
The AJA regularly publishes free content that has been vetted and edited. Please follow the links below to download book and museum exhibition reviews, as well as supplementary content and images provided by our print-publication authors. Additional content published in the print journal is also available here for free download. Please enjoy.
 Book Reviews
 Museum Reviews
 Supplementary Content
 Image Galleries
 Print-Published Content

American Journal of Archaeology Resources for Student
Welcome to the AJA's section for students. It is meant to be an accessible starting point for research, a place to learn about a career in archaeology or about submitting your first academic article, or you can just browse our helpful, trusted links. If you would like to contribute to this section, please contact the AJA Director of Publishing.

General Archaeological Resources
 Academic Resources
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 Archaeological Blogs
 Multimedia and Interactive

Archaeology's Interactive Digs
Follow online as ancient civilizations are unearthed. Get full access to frequently updated field notes, Q&A with archaeologists, personal journals, and more!
Crete: Zominthos Project
Explore the serenity of the highlanders on Minoan Crete
Johnson's Island: Unlocking a Civil War Prison
Join archaeologist David Bush beyond the "dead line" at Johnson's Island, Ohio. This year, our investigations are centered on Block 8 within the Prison Compound.
El Carrizal: Rescuing a Mesoamerican Site
Get in on the survey and excavation of El Carrizal, a Formative Period site in Veracruz, Mexico.
Past digs:
Sagalassos: City in the Clouds
We take you back to Sagalassos, a classical city perched high in the mountains of southwestern Turkey.
Hierakonpolis: City of the Hawk
Join us as we reveal more about the very dawn of Egyptian civilization and investigate early beer making!
Black Sea Shipwreck Research Project
Join Benjamin Goetsch and his team and their international colleagues as they finish excavation of the Pisa Wreck and begin a survey off the coast of Crimea.
Distilling the Past
Explore George Washington's post-presidential career as a whiskey distiller at Mount Vernon.
Revealing Ancient Bolivia
Return with archaeologists to Tiwanaku, the mysterious site high in the Andes.
Letters from Arizona
Join Forest Archaeologist Peter Pilles as he excavates Elden Pueblo.
Diving with the Dead
Editor Kristin Romey explores sacred Maya cenotes in the Yucatán.
In Vesuvius' Shadow
Join our search for the patricians and slaves who lived in Pompeii.
A Puzzle in the Petén
How did the Maya site of Waka' fit into the struggle between two superpowers?
Search for the Maya Underworld
Follow a special expedition to find untouched caves in the jungle of Belize.
Petra's Great Temple
Visit the ancient Nabataean city of Petra and watch as a Great Temple is rediscovered.
Beneath the Black Sea
Searching for shipwrecks off Ukraine's Crimea Peninsula
Brooklyn's Eighteenth-century Lott House
Uncover the buried past of a Dutch family living on the fringes of a burgeoning city.
Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Bulletin

Preparing for a Dig
Archaeological fieldwork is not the romantic treasure hunt sometimes seen in the movies. On the contrary, archaeology is a blend of scientific disciplines requiring methodological attention to procedure and detail.

Archaeological Tourism Guidelines
The AIA-ATTA Guide to Best Practices for Archaeological Tourism is now available.

Useful Websites
An Interactive Online Resource for Mediterranean, Classical, and Near Eastern Archaeologists
Fieldnotes is an interactive on-line newsletter of the Archaeological Institute of America, encouraging individuals and institutions to submit short articles, field reports, announcements, news items, and links to digital resources, which are relevant to the professional and academic membership of the AIA. Fieldnotes compiles current information on professional activities, academic and research institutions, and publications, while encouraging an on-line dialogue on research, fieldwork, teaching, and other issues in Mediterranean archaeology and related fields. Fieldnotes is a user-driven source of information about current trends in the discipline, as well as a venue for presentation and discussion of new directions in the field; methods and methodologies; and institutional funding, research programs, and teaching resources. Pages are additive and postings are updated weekly and permanently archived.
Placement Service
In addition to the AIA/APA Placement Service's Positions for Classicists and Archaeologists (see below), job listings are also posted on the AIA website by various institutions, projects, and CRM firms. In some cases jobs may be listed in both locations. You may post a job opportunty in archaeology or an allied field by clicking here.
AIA/APA Placement Service
The AIA/APA Placement Service assists members looking for positions and academic institutions with positions to fill through:

Positions for Classicists and Archaeologists is published in its entirety to all subscribers, and posted to the APA website, on or about the 15th of each month. (On or about the 1st of every month, email subscribers only are notified, in advance, of any position listings received at the APA Office during the last two weeks of the previous month.) The copy deadline is noon (Eastern Time) on the 13th of the month from January through August and noon (Eastern Time) on the 10th of the month from September through December. Listings may be emailed or faxed to: Placement Director, apaclassics@sas.upenn.edu / 215-573-7874.

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