Monday, April 16, 2012

IFPO: Archeology photography collection  
In the framework of the European project Manumed / E-corpus (Euromed Heritage 4), the IFPO (Institut Français du Proche Orient) had the possibility to digitalize and diffuse part of its photographical collection on archeology. 20 752 images are now visible on the IFPO digital library portal  which is part of e-corpus digital network. IFPO’s out of print publications were already accessible since few months on that website. 
It must be mentioned that, due to dramatic situation in Syria, this project implementation was a challenge and we must focused the fact that control and correction on original metadata’s wasn’t possible. We are sorry if there are some mistakes and any correction and suggestion will be welcome (click on contact on home webpage) . Anyway, we thought that the diffusion of that collection shouldn’t be delayed and thanks to the digital collaborative possibilities of e-corpus platform 2.0, scholars and students are allowed to add complementary information (after registration).

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