Monday, October 25, 2010

Open Licensed Classical Data Canvass

Adapted with permission from a message posted by Gabriel Bodard on the Digital Classicist Discussion List (10/23/10):

I realize I've missed a trick by not posting this during Open Access Week. I've been meaning for a while to canvass this list regarding open licensed Classical data--not just texts that can be freely read online in HTML or PDF, say, but text or data released under a license (Creative Commons, GPL, etc.) that explicitly allows the creative and transformative re-use of the underlying code (XML, RDF, images, etc.).

I started compiling this list for a developers' challenge that we held back in July, and am particularly interested in the possibility of archiving and re-using this sort of material.
The first list only includes publications whose underlying data source is available for download without having to ask permission or enter a password, and whose license explicitly permits re-use. The Linked Data list is just stuff that appears to be available for re-use (that's what
LD is for, after all), but may not have explicit licenses.

If anybody has or knows of datasets that should be added to either of these lists, please send them to the list (or ask me and I'll give you permission to edit the Google spreadsheets).

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