Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Coming soon from the ACLS Humanities E-Book Project

The ACLS Humanities E-Book Project has announced:

New Titles Forthcoming January 2011

HEB’s eighth round of new titles is forthcoming in January 2011. This includes 543 electronic books covering a wide range of disciplines and fields. Among the most prominent new additions are another 141 titles in Film and Media Studies, 46 more in Philosophy, 57 in Central and Eastern European Studies, 41 in Music and Musicology, 33 in Jewish Studies, as well as 29 more in Bibliography and 30 in Linguistics and Literature.

This update includes many books relating to antiquity.  Click here to download the forthcoming list as an Excel spreadsheet sortable by author, title, or ISBN.

An earlier posting in AWOL: The Ancient World in ACLS Humanities E-Book includes those titles in the collection relating to the ancient world, known by me. If you are within a subscribing domain or proxy server or if you are a subscribing individual you should be able to get access via the links I've given. If not, you or your institution will need to subscribe. That list has 244 items.  I'll update it when the new set goes live.

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