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Open Access Journal: Relegere: Studies in Religion and Reception

 [Originally posted 29 August 2010.  Most recently updated 22 December  2018]

Relegere: Studies in Religion and Reception 
ISSN: 1179-7231
Relegere has been established to promote and disseminate academic research on reception history, broadly understood, both within and across religious traditions.
Relegere publishes studies of the transmission, reception, and effect of religion ideas, narratives, and images, within any medium - including but not limited to oral tradition, literature, drama, poetry, film, television, digital media, and the plastic arts - in relation to any group, sub-group, or individual in any religious tradition at any point in history.
The journal has been founded on the conviction that the study of reception and religion must not limit itself to a mere cataloguing of influence or a simple recounting of the trajectories of foundational religious texts across time. Beyond this basic research, reception history needs to be more thoroughly understood on a conceptual and theoretical level; reception history must actively interrogate the taken-for-granted idea that foundational texts are somehow fixed, that their essential natures can be distinguished from their subsequent reception.
In pursuit of this goal, Relegere actively encourages methodological, theoretical, and philosophical contributions relevant to reception history and religion, whether in relation to particular case studies or as stand-alone theoretical reflections.  Through the production of a coherent body of theoretical and practical reflection by and for scholars in very different fields and with very different interests, it is our hope that such an approach will facilitate a fruitful and ongoing discussion among scholars. 

Vol 7, No 1–2 (2018)

Special Issue: Transforming Biblical Animals

Table of Contents


Matthew Chrulew, Transforming Biblical Animals PDF


On Behalf of Holy Creatures: Hélène Cixous Reads Leviticus, or, la lecture immonde PDF
Yael Klangwisan 9–22
Can the Prophecies be Trusted? PDF
Vinciane Despret 23–38
On Making Fleshly Difference: Humanity and Animality in Gregory of Nyssa PDF
Eric Daryl Meyer 39–58
C. S. Lewis, 2 Kings 19:35, and Mice PDF
Michael J. Gilmour 59–71
What's an Ark? PDF
Mark Payne 73–91
Peaceable Kingdoms in the Digital World PDF
Beatrice Marovich 93–113
Cerberus Bites Back: A Tale with Three Heads — the Syrophoenician and her Imitators PDF
Alan Cadwallader 115–46
The Politics of the Beast: Rewiring Revelation 17 PDF
Hannah M. Strømmen 147–64

Book Reviews

The Book of Exodus: Composition, Reception, and Interpretation, edited by Thomas B. Dozeman, Craig A. Evans, and Joel N. Lohr PDF
Zeb Farber 167-72
The Bible Retold by Jewish Artists, Writers, Composers and Filmmakers, edited by Helen Leneman and Barry Dov Walfish PDF
Sara M. Koenig 173-77
Aliens and Strangers? The Struggle for Coherence in the Everyday Lives of Evangelicals, by Anna Strhan PDF
Ibrahim Abraham 177-80
If God Meant to Interfere: American Literature and the Rise of the Christian Right, by Christopher Douglas PDF
Zhange Ni 181-84
Stasis: Civil War as a Political Paradigm, by Giorgio Agamben PDF
Beornn McCarthy 185-89
A Materialism for the Masses: Saint Paul and the Philosophy of Undying Life, by Ward Blanton PDF
Nikolai Blaskow 190-202
Shakespeare and Early Modern Religion, edited by David Loewenstein and Michael Witmore PDF
Iona Hine 202-9
Words of Power: Reading Shakespeare and the Bible, by Jem Bloomfield PDF
Michael Cop 209-12
Children's Bibles in America: A Reception History of the Story of Noah's Ark in US Children's Bibles, by Russell W. Dalton PDF
Kevin McGeough 212-15
The High Middle Ages, edited by Kari E. Børresen and Adriana Valerio PDF
Christine Axen 216-20
Reading the Bible in the Middle Ages, edited by Jinty Nelson and Damien Kempf PDF
Lena-Sofia Tiemeyer 220-26
Patmos in the Reception History of the Apocalypse, by Ian Boxall PDF
Michelle Fletcher 226-29
The Bible and Art: Perspectives from Oceania, edited by Caroline Blyth and Nasili Vaka’uta PDF
Jonathan Homrighausen 230-33
John Calvin's Institutes of the Christian Religion, by Bruce Gordon PDF
Jon Balserak 233-35
Gender Hierarchy in the Qur'ān: Medieval Interpretations, Modern Responses, by Karen Bauer PDF
William Shepard 235-39

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