Saturday, December 29, 2018

Severan Database Project

[First posted in AWOL 21 May 2013, updated 29 December 2018]

Severan Database Project
The Severan Database Project is a collection of three datasets containing historical evidence from the Severan Period (193-235).

Repository File Structure:
# Survey of coin hoards from the Severan Period

# Inscriptions mentioning Julia Domna

# Survey of 14 cities from Greece and Asia minor minting under the Severans

Project Lead: Julie Langford
Associate Professor of Roman History
Department of History,
University of South Florida

Assistant: David J. Thomas,
Instructor of Ancient History and Digital Humanities,
Department of History,
University of South Florida

Graduate Assistant:
Christina Hotalen

This project was originally hosted at The university page has since been removed. This dataset is an open-source publication of the raw data from that original project.

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