Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mertens-Pack 3 Online

[First posted in AWOL 20 June 2010, updated 28 June 2017]

Mertens-Pack 3

The new MP³ database is now available online. We are still working to improve its presentation and performance.
Some new research parameters are still being validated. For the time being, research is limited to the numbers MP³ 1 to 3026.83, already available on the previous database.
As announced during the International Congresses of Papyrology in Geneva (1) and Warsaw (2), it will be soon possible to research new categories of Greek and Latin papyri (magical, Herculaneum, documentary, Jewish and Christian) and to use more diversified research strategies (papyri which are both “literary” and “documentary” or “magical” or “Jewish and Christian”; literary reminiscences in documentary papyri; literary papyri containing a documentary text on the other side; literary papyri associated to an ancient owner; author’s name and title written on the papyrus).
We thank all users for their understanding and patience. For more information or in case of problems, please contact the CEDOPAL on the following email address:
Online database

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