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Newly Open Access Journal: Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan

Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan
ISSN: 0449-1564 
An annual magazine issued by the General Antiquities Department since 1951, latest edition No.55 for 2011. The magazine is published in both Arabic and English and it mainly documents findings of archeological activities and excavations in Jordan and the neighboring countries. The issue is sold for JD20.

Notes for Contributors
The Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan is devoted primarily to studies of the cultural heritage of Jordan and the neighboring regions, including the reports and results of archaeological fieldwork. The deadline for submission of contributions is 31 May for publication in the volume of the same year.
Contributions should be sent to: Editor, ADAJ, Department of Antiquities of Jordan, PO. Box 88, Amman - Jordan; and if sent by courier Tel: 4644336. Queries may be addressed to the editor by Fax: +962-6-4615848, or e-mail:
Table of Contents
In Memoriam: John Basil Hennessy (1925 - 2013) In Memoriam: Prof. Dr. phil. Klaus Schmidt (1953–2014) Khirbat as-Samra Ancient Cemetery: the 2011 Excavation Season Hijra Leaden Urn Inscriptions The 2011 Season at Wisad Pools, Black Desert: Preliminary Report Preliminary Report on the Seventh (2011) Season of Excavations by ‘La Sapienza’ University of Rome at Khirbat al-Batrawi, Upper Wadi az-Zarqa’ Anchorite Cells and Dwelling Complexes on al-Lisan Peninsula: Preliminary Field Results of the Swedish Dead Sea Expedition, 2009 and 2011 The Great Arab Revolt Project: 2010 and 2011 Field Seasons Report on a geophysical prospection of the northwest quarter of Gerasa / Jarash 2011 Archaeological Survey for the Red Sea Dead Sea Conveyance Study The Dhiban Excavation and Development Project’s 2009 Season: Field L Excavations Wadi an-Nu‘aydiyyah 1: Another Neolithic Barrage System in the al-Jafr Basin, Southern Jordan A Preliminary Report on the Shawbak North Archaeological Project (Snap): Summer 2011 ‘Awja 1 - 3: Neolithic and Chalcolithic Open Sanctuaries in Southernmost Jordan Building Archaeology in Jordan: Preliminary Report on the 2009 - 2011 Surveys at Umm as-Surab Jarash: Minimal Preservation Interventions in the Eastern Sector of the Sanctuary of Artemis, 2009 - 2010 Preliminary Report on the 2012 Season of the Madaba Plains Project: Tall Jalul Excavations 2012 Twixt Desert and Sown: the Population Dynamics of Southern Jordan From Byzantium to the Mamluks - a New GIS Project Preliminary Report of the First Season of the Danish-German Jarash Northwest Quarter Project 2011 The Funerary Topography of Petra Project (FTPP): Preliminary Report on the 2010 Season The Tall Zar‘a and Gadara Regional Project 2009 - 2011 Excavation at Khirbat al-Mudayna and Survey in the Wadi ath-Thamad: Preliminary Report on the 2008, 2010 and 2011 Seasons Qusayr ‘Amra World Heritage Site: Preliminary Report on Documentation, Conservation and Site Management Activities in 2010 - 2012 Latest Field Study of the Jarash Hippodrome: Byzantine - Umayyad Dyeing Workshops (E1-E7 and W2-W18) The Wadi ar-Ruwayshid Mining Complex: Chalcolithic / Early Bronze Age Cortical Tool Production in North-East Jordan Tall al-Kafrayn: Preliminary Report on the University of Ioanninα Excavations: 2010 and 2011 Seasons Excavations at Early Bronze Iv Dhahrat Umm al-Marrar in the Jordan valley The ‘Ayn Gharandal Archaeological Project: a Preliminary Report on the 2010 and 2011 Seasons The 2011 Edom Lowlands Regional Archaeology Project (Elrap): Excavations and Surveys in the Faynan Copper Ore District, Jordan The Palaeolithic Sequence of Wadi Sabra: a Preliminary Report Tall Abu al-Kharaz - The Swedish Jordan Expedition 2011: Fourteenth Season Preliminary Excavation Report The Cairn of Hani: Significance, Present Condition and Context

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