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Open Access Books: Sidestone e-library: Ancient Egypt & Near East

Sidestone e-library: Ancient Egypt & Near East
We believe scientific information should be available at all time, at all places and to each and every one. Therefore everyone is free to browse, search and read most of our publications online in our digital library. We only ask a small fee for downloading the PDF, this helps us keeping our library running!

We graven hier niet de bijbel op!

De Nederlandse opgraving op Tell Deir Alla (1960-1967)

Margreet L. Steiner & Bart Wagemakers | 2018

Dit is het verhaal van een bijzondere opgraving. Onderzocht werd een onaanzienlijke ruïneheuvel in Jordanië. De naam van de ruïneheuvel kwam niet in de Bijbel...

The Coffins of the Priests of Amun

Egyptian coffins from the 21st Dynasty in the collection of the National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden

Edited by Lara Weiss | 2017

Ancient Egyptian coffins provided a shell to protect the deceased both magically and physically. They guaranteed an important requirement for eternal life: an intact body....

Engraved Gems

From antiquity to the present

Edited by Ben van den Bercken & Vivian Baan | 2017

Many are no larger than a fingertip. They are engraved with symbols, magic spells and images of gods, animals and emperors. These stones were used...


Hoofdstad van een wereldrijk

Onder redactie van Lucas P. Petit & Daniele Morandi Bonacossi | 2017

Wel, wat Nineveh betreft, schipper, dat is lang geleden weggevaagd. Alle sporen zijn verdwenen en het is onmogelijk te raden waar het lag.” – Lucianus

Nineveh, the Great City

Symbol of Beauty and Power

Edited by Lucas P. Petit, & Daniele Morandi Bonacossi | 2017

Well, as for Nineveh, skipper, it was wiped out long ago. There’s not a trace of it left, and one can’t even guess where it...

Sailors, Musicians and Monks

The Leatherwork from Dra‘ Abu el Naga (Luxor, Egypt)

André J. Veldmeijer, with contributions by Daniel Polz and Ute Rummel | 2017

This volume describes, illustrates, and analysis the finds from the excavations at Dra‘ Abu el-Naga, an important necropolis on the east bank of the Nile...

Excavations of Gebel Adda (Lower Nubia)

Ancient Nubian Leatherwork. Part I. Sandals and Shoes

André J. Veldmeijer | 2016

The excavations of Gebel Adda (Lower Nubia) by the American Research Center in Egypt’s Nubian Expedition (1962-1966, directed by Nicholas B. Millet) yielded large quantities...

Leatherwork from Elephantine (Aswan, Egypt)

Analysis and Catalogue of the Ancient Egyptian & Persian Leather Finds

André J. Veldmeijer | 2016

‘Leatherwork from Elephantine’ describes, illustrates and analyses the finds from the excavations at Elephantine island (Aswan, Egypt) that are conducted by the German Archaeological Institute...

Koninginnen van de Nijl

Macht en schoonheid in het Nieuwe Rijk (1539-1077 v. Chr.)

Onder redactie van Olaf E. Kaper | 2016

Lang voordat Cleopatra over het land van de Nijl regeerde, waren er al machtige koninginnen in Egypte. Zij stonden aan de zijde van de farao...

Koninginnen van de Nijl in vertaling

De oude Egyptenaren aan het woord

Olaf E. Kaper, met bijdragen van Maarten J. Raven en Ben J.J. Haring | 2016

De tentoonstelling Koninginnen van de Nijl, in het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden in Leiden, bevat een groot aantal Oudegyptische teksten. De sarcofaag van koningin Nefertari is...

Fresh Fields and Pastures New

Papers Presented in Honor of Andrew M.T. Moore

Edited by Katina T. Lillios and Michael Chazan | 2016

This volume honors the career and contributions of Andrew M.T. Moore. Moore’s groundbreaking work at Abu Hureyra, Syria and excavations at Neolithic sites in Croatia...

Egyptian Bioarchaeology

Humans, Animals, and the Environment

Edited by Salima Ikram, Jessica Kaiser & Roxie Walker | 2015

Although the bioarchaeology (study of biological remains in an archaeological context) of Egypt has been documented in a desultory way for many decades, it is...

Catalogue of the footwear in the Coptic Museum (Cairo)

André J. Veldmeijer & Salima Ikram | 2014

This catalogue presents the ancient Egyptian footwear in the collection of the Coptic Museum in Cairo. The catalogue contains detailed descriptions and measurements, photographs and drawings. Each description of a footwear category is followed by short discussions, addressing topics such...

Why Leather?

The Material and Cultural Dimensions of Leather

Edited by Susanna Harris & André J. Veldmeijer | 2014

This pioneering volume brings together specialists from contemporary craft and industry and from archaeology to examine both the material properties and the cultural dimensions of...

Tying the Threads of Eurasia

Trans-regional Routes and Material Flows in Transcaucasia, eastern Anatolia and western Central Asia, c.3000-1500BC

Toby C. Wilkinson | 2014

The famous ‘Silk Roads’ have long evoked a romantic picture of travel through colourful civilizations that connected the western and eastern poles of Eurasia, facilitating...

Rural Capitalist Development in The Jordan Valley

The case of Deir Alla - The Rise and Demise of Social Groups

Mohamed F. Tarawneh | 2014

The case of Deir Alla is a social and economic case study of developing Third World agriculture. The study is based upon historical sources, contemporary...

Ritual Failure

Archaeological Perspectives

Edited by Vasiliki G. Koutrafouri & Jeff Sanders | 2013

‘Ritual Failure’ is a new concept in archaeology adopted from the discipline of anthropology. Resilient religious systems disappearing, strict believers and faithful practitioners not performing...

Chasing Chariots

Proceedings of the first international chariot conference (Cairo 2012)

Edited by André J. Veldmeijer & Salima Ikram | 2013

The present work is the result of the First International Chariot Conference, jointly organised by the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo (NVIC) and the American...

Leatherwork from Qasr Ibrim (Egypt)

Part I: Footwear from the Ottoman Period

André J. Veldmeijer | 2013

Throughout its long history, stretching from the 25th Dynasty (c. 752-656 BC) to the Ottoman Period (c. 1500-1811 AD), Qasr Ibrim was one of the...

The End Of Our Fifth Decade

Edited by Corrie Bakels & Hans Kamermans | 2012

In 2012 it was 50 years ago that the initial independent core of the Faculty of Archaeology was founded. On the occasion of this 50th anniversary the Board of the Faculty of Archaeology has asked the editors of the Analecta...

Sandals, shoes and other leatherwork from the Coptic Monastery Deir el-Bachit

Analysis and Catalogue

André J. Veldmeijer | 2012

The Coptic monastery and cemetery Deir el-Bachit stands on the hilltop of Dra’ Abu el-Naga, the well-known necropolis in Qurna (West Bank, Luxor). It is...

Amarna’s Leatherwork

Part I. Preliminary analysis and catalogue

André J. Veldmeijer | 2011

The ancient Egyptian city of Tell el-Amarna (or Amarna, ancient Akhetaten) was the short-lived capital built by the controversial Pharaoh Akhenaten, probably the father of...

Tutankhamun’s Footwear

Studies of Ancient Egyptian Footwear

André J. Veldmeijer | 2011

The discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb by Howard Carter in 1922 is one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of all time. It took Carter and...

Life on the watershed

Reconstructing subsistence in a steppe region using archaeological survey: a diachronic perspective on habitation in the Jordan Valley

Eva Kaptijn | 2009

The scarcity of water is a major problem in many parts of the Near East today and has been so in the past. To survive...

Challenging climate change

Competition and cooperation among pastoralists and agriculturalists in northern Mesopotamia (c. 3000-1600 BC)

Arne Wossink | 2009

Throughout history, climate change has been an important driving force behind human behaviour. This archaeological study seeks to understand the complex interrelations between that behaviour...

Seafaring and Seafarers in the Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean

A. Bernard Knapp | Forthcoming

Seafaring is a mode of travel, a way to traverse maritime space that enables not only the transport of goods and materials but also of people and ideas — communicating and sharing knowledge across the sea and between different lands....

The Arts of Making in Ancient Egypt

Voices, images, and objects of material producers 2000–1550 BC

Edited by Gianluca Miniaci, Juan Carlos Moreno García, Stephen Quirke & Andréas Stauder | Forthcoming

This book provides an innovative analysis of the conditions of ancient Egyptian craftsmanship in the light of the archaeology of production, linguistic analysis, visual representation...

Chariots in Ancient Egypt

The Tano Chariot, A Case Study

André J. Veldmeijer, Salima Ikram, Ole Herslund, Lisa Sabbahy & Lucy Skinner | Forthcoming

Chariots, the racing cars of the ancient world, first appeared in Egypt about 1600 BC, and quickly became not only the preferred mode of transport...

Exorcism, illness and demons in an ancient Near Eastern context

The Egyptian magical Papyrus Leiden I 343 + 345

Susanne Beck | Forthcoming

Papyrus Leiden I 343 + 345 is one of the most extraordinary manuscripts providing a deeper insight into magic and medicine in Ancient Egypt.

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